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Extra-Judicial Killing of Drug Users and Pushers Continues as Major Justice Issue in Philippines

July 3, 2019, Adrian, Michigan – Many Adrian Dominican Sisters in the United States actively follow social justice issues in their nation and work to bring about justice. In a recent presentation, they were updated on the social justice issues that Sisters in the Philippines face.

Sister Maria May L. Cano, Justice Promoter for the Our Lady of Remedies Mission Chapter based in the Philippines, said one ongoing concern is the extra-judicial killing of drug users, drug pushers, and many innocent people as part of the war on drugs instituted by Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte. 

Under the drug war, in a practice called extra-judicial killing, President Duterte “ordered the death of addicts, and police have permission to do that,” Sister May explained. “People get paid to kill addicts.” She told the story of three men who were killed in a house early one morning, and of the practice of isolating family members from one another, killing the person suspected of being a drug user, and then killing the rest of the family. 

Watch the video of Sister May’s presentation.


2019 Update on Justice Issues in Philippines



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