2020 Jubilarians

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2020 Jubilarians Represent 4,565 Years of Service

In the coming year, the Congregation will celebrate the faithful lives of 71 Jubilarians, whose years of ministry and presence total 4,565. The 2020 Jubilee Class includes 10 75-year Jubilarians, 26 Double-Diamond (70-year) Jubilarians, 32 Diamond (60-year) Jubilarians, one Golden (50-year) Jubilarian, and one Silver (25-year) Jubilarian.

The Congregation also honors the memory of 97 deceased Jubilarians: 31 80-year Jubilarians, 32 75-year Jubilarians, 27 Double-Diamond Jubilarians, and 7 Diamond Jubilarians.


2020 Deceased Jubilarians

Let us remember the deceased 2020 Jubilarians who are watching over in constant prayer as they mark their jubilees with the Communion of Saints.

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headshots of this year's jubilarians

2020 Jubilarians

Former Religious Names in Parentheses

75 Years of Religious Life

Sister Mary J. Beaubien (Clare Olivia)
Sister Barbara Hengesbach (Agnes William)
Sister Kathryn Lumbrezer (Lawrence Marie)
Sister Margaret Mary McGill (Agnes Carol)
Sister Alma Marie Messing
Sister Joan Murphy (Margaret Patrick)
Sister Patricia O’Reilly (Charles Thomas)
Sister Jean Annette Rudolph


Double Diamond - 70 Years of Religious Life

Sister Virginia Beattie (John Louise)
Sister Maria Goretti Browne
Sister Noreen Burke (Peter Margaret)
Sister Rina Cappellazzo (Jeanne Dominic)
Sister Rita Crotty (Patrick Therese)
Sister Mary Louise Gass (Barbara Francis)
Sister Joseph Eilese Hukle
Sister Genevieve Jeziolkowski (Joseph Bernice)
Sister Carol Johannes (Monica Mary)
Sister Ellen Kennedy (Esther Francis)
Sister Marlene Kuhnlein (Anthony Irene)
Sister Geraldine Maloney (William Patrice)
Sister Joan Marconi (Joseph Elaine)
Sister Barbara Ann Mason (Augustine Mary)
Sister Loretta May (Ann Elizabeth)
Sister Jeannine Therese McGorray
Sister Anne Elizabeth Monahan (Margaret George)
Sister Charlotte Francis Moser
Sister Lucy Ann Quinn (Florence Maurice)
Sister Kieran Therese Quirke
Sister Mary Jo Sieg (Rose Bernard)
Sister Shirley Smith (Mary Avila)
Sister Kathleen Sutherland (Stella Joseph)
Sister Paul James Villemure
Sister Michael Thomas Watson
Sister Mary White (Mary Stephen)


Diamond - 60 Years of Religious Life

Sister Maurine Barzantni (John Marmion)
Sister Patricia Noreen Benson (Mary Johnetta)
Sister Mary Carr (Catherine Robert)
Sister Anita Chiappetta (Jean Vincent)
Sister Maryetta Churches (Joseph Jean)
Sister June Mary Deswysen (Robert William)
Sister Mary Ann Dixon (Maureen Thomas)
Sister Mary Katherine Drouin (John Gabriel)
Sister Kathleen Erard (Michael Annette)
Sister Patricia Erickson (Michael Dominic)
Sister Patricia Fischer (Janice Ann)
Sister Juliann Flynn (Maura Thomas)
Sister Janet Marie Fulgenzi
Sister Mary Elizabeth Gaiss (Andrew Joseph)
Sister Grace Gianella (Susan Angela)
Sister Mary Katherine Homan (Mark Christine)
Sister Helene Kloss (Dominic Louise)
Sister Jean Marie Lehtinen
Sister Marie Carleen Maly
Sister Annice Mordenski
Sister Catherine Ormond Olds
Sister Joanne Peters (Mary Concepta)
Sister Jamie Phelps (Martin Thomas)
Sister Diane Pitera (Michael David)
Sister Joann Plumpe (Rose Joseph)
Sister Barbara Jean Quincey (Cyril Therese)
Sister Ann Rena Shinkey
Sister Mary Helen Smolbrook (Ethel Joseph)
Sister Joan Lawrence Sustersic
Sister Kathleen Voss (William Lorraine)
Sister Kathleen Walli (Charles Miriam)
Sister Joanne Wimmer (James Alice)


Golden - 50 Years of Religious Life

Sister Zenaida S. Nacpil


Silver - 25 Years of Religious Life

Sister María Eneida Santiago





2020 Jubilee Mass

Worship Aid (PDF)

Jubilee Homily (pdf)
Patricia Siemen, OP
June 28, 2020