Mission and Vision


In the mission of Jesus
we Adrian Dominican Sisters
discover and identify ourselves
as women called together
to share faith and life
with one another
and sent into our world
to be with others
bearers and recipients of his love
co-creators of his justice and peace.

Adrian Dominican Constitution and Statutes, 1.6


Enactments of General Chapter 2016

At the General Chapter of 2016, the Adrian Dominican Sisters reaffirmed the Vision enacted at General Chapter 2004 and adopted four Enactments for living out the Vision during the next six years, from July 2016 through June 2022:

  • Rooted in the Gospel, we recognize our own spiritual longings and those of the world. We commit to deepen our spirituality and to engage with others in prayer and presence in order to witness to the mystery of God in our midst.

  • Recognizing the violence against Earth community that places our common home in dire jeopardy and intensifies the suffering of people on the margins, future generations and all creation, we will sacrifice to mitigate significantly our impact on climate change and ecological degradation.

  • Recognizing that racism, violence, and intolerance of diversity fuel marginalization, we pledge our lives, money and other resources to facilitate and participate in creating resilient communities with people who are relegated to the margins, valuing their faith, wisdom, and integrity.

  • Rooted in the joy of the Gospel, we will embrace and nurture our rich diversity, commit ourselves to deepening our relationships with one another, invite others to vowed and Associate life, and expand collaboration for the sake of the Mission.


Visit our "Engaged in the Mission" page to see
how we live our Mission and Vision


We Dominican
Preachers of Adrian

impelled by the Gospel 
and outraged by the injustices 
of our day
seek truth; 
make peace; 
reverence life.

Stirred by the Wisdom of God 
and rooted in our 
contemplative prayer, 
communal study and life in community, 
we challenge heresies of local and global 
domination, exploitation, and greed 
that privilege some, dehumanize others, 
and ravage Earth.

We confront our racist attitudes 
       and root out racist practices 
       in our lives and systems.

We confront systems 
       where women are denied freedom,
       equality, and full personhood.

We walk in solidarity with people
       who are poor 
and challenge structures 
       that impoverish them.

We practice non-violent peacemaking.

We promote lay leadership 
       and shared decision-making 
       for a renewed Church.

We live right relationships with 
       Earth community.

We claim the communal authority 
       and responsibility of our 
       Dominican heritage.

We commit ourselves 
to live this Vision.

Adopted at General Chapter of 2004, reaffirmed at General Chapters of 2010 and 2016.