2024 Jubilarians

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2024 Jubilarians Represent
2,840 Years of Ministry

This year the Congregation will celebrate the lives of 43 Jubilarians, whose combined years represent 2,840 years of service and faithful witness to the Gospel. The 2024 Jubilee class includes one 80-year Jubilarian, three 75-year Jubilarians, 23 Double-Diamond (70-year) Jubilarians, 15 Diamond (60-year) Jubilarians, and one Silver (25-year) Jubilarian.



2024 Deceased Jubilarians

The Congregation also honors the memory of 78 deceased Jubilarians: 44 75-year Jubilarians, 29 Double-Diamond (70-year) Jubilarians, and five Diamond (60-year) Jubilarians.

View the Listing of Deceased Jubilarians for 2024 (PDF)



2024 Jubilarians

Former Religious Names in Parentheses

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80 Years of Religious Life

    Sister Arnold Benedetto


75 Years of Religious Life

    Sister Joan Delaplane (Marie Doloretta)
    Sister Joyce LaVoy (Rose Dolores)
    Sister Mary Louise Putrow (Ruth Francis)


Double Diamond - 70 Years of
Religious Life

    Sister Joan Baustian (Anale)
    Sister Dorothy L. Berg (Mary de Lourdes)
    Sister Jeanine Boivin (Emile Marie)
    Sister Beth Ellen Butler (Margaret Vincent)
    Sister Dorothy Dempsey (Agnes Peter)
    Sister Marilyn Francoeur (Therese Noel)
    Sister Barbara Gentry (Mary John)
    Sister Anele Heiges (Laurence Ann)
    Sister Gail Himrod (Robert Miriam)
    Sister Esther Kennedy (Philip Ellen)
    Sister Phyllis Kreiner (Monica Jean)
    Sister Mary Ann Letzgus (Marian Elizabeth)
    Sister Joanne McCauley (M. Thomas Aquinas)
    Sister Norlee McDonnell (Stella Caeli)
    Sister Claudia Morgan (Mary Loretta)
    Sister Bernice Olszewski (Peter Theresa)
    Sister Evelyn Piche (Rose David)
    Sister Yolanda Pomante (Paul Marie)
    Sister Teresita Ruíz (Margarita Maria)
    Sister Rose Ann Schlitt (Rose Elena)
    Sister Ellen Schmitz (Dominic Savio)
    Sister Jeanne Marie Stickling (Louis Anthony)
    Sister Diane Weifenbach (Ann Christopher)


Diamond - 60 Years of Religious Life

    Sister Carmen Rose Álvarez
    Sister Rosemary Asaro (Jacob Mary)
    Sister Mary Ann Caulfield (Michael Timothy)
    Sister Mary Frances Fleischaker (Francis Dominic)
    Sister Judith Friedel (Jude Ellen)
    Sister Lorene Heck
    Sister Myra Jackson (Marie Stephen)
    Sister Dianne Koszycki (Mary Robertann)
    Sister Patricia Magee (Mary Dominica)
    Sister Pam Millenbach (Ann Matthew)
    Sister Mary Margaret Pachucki (Bernard Madonna)
    Sister Sharon Park (John Marian)
    Sister Jackie Phillips (Lloyd Thomas)
    Sister Adrienne Piennette (Mary Eugene)
    Sister Patricia Walter (Paul Jordan)


Golden - 50 Years of Religious Life

    There are no Golden Jubilarians


Silver - 25 Years of Religious Life

    Sister Basilia De la Cruz