2023 Jubilarians

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2023 Jubilarians Represent
2,545 Years of Ministry

This year the Congregation will celebrate the faithful lives of 38 Jubilarians, whose ministry and presence total 2,545 years. The 2023 Jubilee class includes 8 75-year Jubilarians, 19 Double-Diamond (70-year) Jubilarians, nine Diamond (60-year) Jubilarians, one Golden (50-year) Jubilarian, and one Silver (25-year) Jubilarian.



2023 Deceased Jubilarians

The Congregation also honors the memory of 69 deceased Jubilarians: 47 75-year Jubilarians, 20 Double-Diamond (70-year) Jubilarians, and two Diamond (60-year) Jubilarians.

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2023 Jubilarians

Former Religious Names in Parentheses

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75 Years of Religious Life

Sister Marie Geraldine Brownell
Sister Celestine Dunne (Celestine Marie)
Sister Marion O'Connor (Ellen Michael)
Sister Alice Riegel (Mary Carol)
Sister Dorothy Rudolph (Joan Annette)
Sister Dorothy Thielk (David Ann)
Sister Margaret Urban (Michael Elizabeth)
Sister Dorothy Worthy (Lyle Joseph)


Double Diamond - 70 Years of
Religious Life

Sister Marie Rose Bauer (Ann Jeanine)
Sister Mary Vianne Bayus
Sister Lorraine Brennan (Michael Eugene)
Sister Mary Cullen (Michaeleen Marie)
Sister Carol Fleming (Albert Marie)
Sister Josephine Gaugier (Joan Mary)
Sister Patricia Johnson (Misericordia)
Sister Mary Bernard Lynch
Sister Patricia Ann McKee (James Robert)
Sister Margaret Marie Ringel (Sylvester Marie)
Sister Margarita Ruíz (María Teresa)
Sister Alice Marie Schmid
Sister Janice Scholl (Peter Ann)
Sister Joan Schroeder (Francis Maureen)
Sister Joanne Screes (Margaret Eugene)
Sister Helen Sohn (Robert Helen)
Sister Patricia Sporer (Lawrence Therese)
Sister Janet Wright (Jean Marice)
Sister Joan Zinn (Charles Joseph)


Diamond - 60 Years of Religious Life

Sister Judy Byron (Mary Robert)
Sister Joyce Caulfield (Frances Berné)
Sister Janet Doyle (Marie Joellen)
Sister Evangelina G. Fernandez
Sister Cele Gorman (M. Matthew)
Sister Mary Suzanne Kennedy
                (Michael Kathleen)
Sister Virginia King (Barbara Maureen)
Sister Rosa Monique Peña
Sister Lucy Vázquez (Mary Dominic)


Golden - 50 Years of Religious Life

Sister Mary Catherine Sullivan


Silver - 25 Years of Religious Life

Sister Lorraine Réaume