The Dominican Order has strong democratic roots going back to the time of Dominic. Every six years, the Adrian Dominican Sisters hold a “General Chapter” during which the Sisters make decisions that set the future direction for the Congregation. At that time, they also elect leaders to carry out the Chapter mandates.

General Council

The Congregation is led by a Prioress (“president”) and General Council, which includes a Vicaress (“vice president”) and three other Councilors. Our current General Council was elected in 2022 and will serve until the next General Council takes office in 2028.


Members of the General Council 2022-2028 

Left to right: Sisters Janice Brown, OP, and Bibiana “Bless” Colasito, OP, General Councilors; Sister Lorraine Réaume, OP, Vicaress and General Councilor; Sister Elise García, OP, Prioress; and Sister Corinne Sanders, OP, General Councilor.







Leadership Council

Another group of leaders—Sisters elected regionally to serve as “Chapter Prioresses” or "Mission Prioresses"—join the General Council three times a year, forming the Leadership Council. Currently, seven Sisters serve as Chapter or Mission Prioresses; the Leadership Council also includes the Secretary of the Congregation.

Leadership Council September 2022

Leadership Council Members September 2022

Members of the Leadership Council are, back row, from left: Peggy Coyne, OP, Joy Finfera, OP, Mary Priniski, OP, Fran Nadolny, OP, Patricia Siemen, OP, Elise García, OP, Mary Margaret Pachucki, OP, Patty Harvat, OP, and Sharon Spanbauer, OP; front row, from left: Mary Jane Lubinski, OP, Maria Yolanda Manapsal, OP, Mary Soher, OP, and Judy Friedel, OP.