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What you can do...

As an investor:

  • Choose the issue or issues you’re especially passionate about. What makes you angry when you watch the evening news? What injustices do you see as you go about your daily lives? That can help you narrow down areas on which to focus.

  • If you own stock in individual companies, read the annual reports and the proxy statements, do research on the company’s website, and scan the news for clues to their policies. Then make your voice heard — if you do nothing else, make sure you vote your proxy every year.

  • Many mutual fund companies offer funds with social screens. If that’s how you wish to invest, find out if the issue(s) you care about are part of the screen used by the mutual fund you’re considering.

As a consumer:

  • How do you use your money? What do you support with what you buy?

  • Do you support small businesses, even if it costs a little more?

  • Do you recycle? Do you purchase products that are readily recyclable (or which are themselves recycled)?

  • Do you consider giving holiday gifts that aren’t just “more stuff”?

  • Are you a good steward of the Earth by conserving resources?

  • Where does your food come from? Was it grown with consideration for the environment? Has it been genetically modified? Are the animals treated humanely? Were they given growth hormones or antibiotics? Are the workers who produce your food treated fairly?

  • Were the products you buy made in a factory that acts justly toward its employees? How about the places where you shop?

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