Who We Are - Drawn by Love

The heart is always drawn by love. 
Saint Catherine of Siena (Dialogue 26)


Entering religious life, ultimately, is a process of being drawn by love. The Dominican Sisters of Adrian have three doorways through which women, who are drawn to our life, can enter the Congregation. Each provides a pathway into our Dominican life in the cultural context of the country through which the woman enters the Congregation—the Dominican Republic, the Philippines, or the United States.

United States

Sister Patricia Harvat, OP, is the Director of Formation. She has oversight responsibility for the Congregation’s three formation programs (United States, Dominican Republic, and the Philippines), which are under the direction of the Prioress of the Congregation. 
(Photo on left: Adrian Dominican Sisters' Motherhouse - Adrian, Michigan)


Dominican Republic

Convento Santa CatalinaWomen from the Dominican Republic have been entering the Congregation as vowed members since the 1950s, after the Adrian Dominicans established Colegio Santo Domingo in the capital in 1946. Women entering the Congregation from the Dominican Republic have typically come to the United States for formation, although for a brief time in the late 1980s we had an in-country formation program. In 2014, the General Council approved the re-establishment of a formation program in the Dominican Republic, authorizing the purchase of a house in Santo Domingo to serve as a house of hospitality and discernment for women from the Dominican Republic who desire to explore vowed life with us.  
(Photo on left: Convento Santa Catalina in the Dominican Republic)


Remedies Chapter MotherhouseIn the early 1960s, four women from the Philippines came to Adrian, Michigan, to undergo formation for religious life as Dominicans, with the aim of returning home to establish a native congregation. Returning to the Philippines as young Sisters, accompanied by two Adrian Dominicans as superiors, the women laid the foundation of what became the independent Congregation of Dominican Sisters of Our Lady of Remedies in San Fernando in the northern province of Pampanga, Philippines. In 2010, the Philippine Congregation came full circle, requesting a canonical merger with the Adrian Dominicans, which took effect in November of 2011. The merger agreement provides that women entering from the Philippines undergo formation there.
(Photo on left: Our Lady of Remedies Convent - Philippines)







Vocation Directors

Co-director of Vocations
Adrian Dominican Sisters


Director of Formation and Vocations
 Dominican Republic


Sister Jenny Fajardo, OP

Director of Vocations