2017 Jubilarians

Meet Our Jubilarians

Each year we celebrate the jubilees or anniversaries of Sisters celebrating 25, 50, 60, 70, 75, and 80 years of religious life. Join us in celebrating the fidelity of these wonderful women whose lives represent 4,190 years of faithful service.

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2017 — Jubilarians — 2017

75 Years of Religious Life

Sister Cecilia Marie Brown Sister Maureen Therese Masuga
Sister Carol Louise Hiller
Sister Virginia O'Reilly
Sister Miriam Joseph Lekan
Sister Mary Willard Reagan  

Double Diamond - 70 Years of Religious Life

Sister Shirley A. Boettcher
Sister Kathleen Therese McCann 
Sister Jeanne Burns
Sister Eileen Meyers
Sister Sarah Cavanaugh
Sister Theresa Nightingale
Sister Elizabeth Condon
Sister Noreen O'Connell
Sister Imelda Marie Eckhoff
Sister Janet Persyk
Sister Patrice Eilers
Sister Mary Ann Rybarczyk
Sister JoAnn Fleischaker
Sister Mary Saynay
Sister Shirley Mary Heymes
Sister Margaret Ann Swallow
Sister Charlotte Hoefer
Sister Shirley Thielk
Sister Marcine Klemm 
Sister Alice Anne Van Acker 
Sister Margaret Lane
Sister Cyrilla Zarek

Diamond - 60 Years of Religious Life

Sister Patricia Brady Sister Margaret Ann McGuiness
Sister Barbara Cervenka
Sister Helen Diane McGuirt
Sister Victoria Dalesandro
Sister Noella Marie McLeod
Sister Eunice Drazba
Sister Joella Miller
Sister Loretta Glanz
Sister Evelyn Inez Montez
Sister Bernitha Glombowski
Sister Mary Therese Napolitan
Sister Dorothea Gramlich
Sister Mary Ann Phillip
Sister Monica Kim
Sister Patricia Reno
Sister Joan Kowalski
Sister Judith Ann Seefeld
Sister Geneal Kramer
Sister Janet Traut
Sister Susan Elaine Kresse
Sister Jude Van Baalen
Sister Frances Lombaer
Sister Mary Ward
Sister Helen McAllister


Golden - 50 Years of Religious Life

Sister Donna Marie Baker
Sister Mary Jane Lubinski
Sister Ellen Burkhardt
Sister Donna Markham
Sister Corinne Mary Florek
Sister Nancy Murray
Sister Maria Socorro C. Garcia
Sister Joanne Podlucky
Sister Julie Hyer
Sister Marie Solanus Reilly
Sister Nancy Jurecki
Sister Patricia Siemen
Sister Kathleen Klingen
Sister Marie Skebe

Silver - 25 Years of Religious Life

There are no Sisters celebrating 25 years    


2017 — Deceased Jubilarians — 2017

Sisters now Deceased
who would have celebrated
85 Years of Religious Life

Sister Catherine Alvir Sister Ann Rose Kelly
Sister Marie Bonney
Sister Ann James LaTourelle
Sister Mary Judith Brennan
Sister Joan Lecture
Sister Madonna Therese Conway
Sister Jane Marion Morehouse
Sister Ann William Cotter
Sister Jean Marion Morehouse
Sister Margaret Marie Crowe
Sister Irene Morence
Sister Irene Essenmacher
Sister Margretta Morence
Sister Margaret Farrell
Sister Helen Ann Novak
Sister Dolores Marie Ferguson
Sister Helen Joan Novak
Sister Fidelis Halpin
Sister Elaine Scanlon
Sister Devota Higgins
Sister Marie Michael Sibal
Sister Marie Bernard Hoffmann
Sister Armella Trauscht
Sister Cecilia Horan
Sister Ellen Clare Van Eman
Sister Dorothy Johnson


Sisters now Deceased
who would have celebrated
80 Years of Religious Life

Sister Cathryn Deutsch
Sister Margaret Murphy
Sister Marie Elizabeth Doherty
Sister Rita Noeker
Sister Mary Margaret Fallon
Sister Phyllis Nutting
Sister Mary Anacleta Hartnagel
Sister Agnes Helen Rabe
Sister Marie Jutte
Sister Mary Roche
Sister Marie Dorothy Kappelman
Sister Jane Edward Schutz
Sister Mary Joseph Kennedy
Sister Esther Sitzmann
Sister Margaret Kilby
Sister Marie Vera Soper
Sister Michael Mary Madden
Sister Irmina Souvigney
Sister Raphael McDonald
Sister Merici Valgoi
Sister Rita Anne Moceri
Sister Mary Marcia Wachowski
Sister Margaret Moran


Sisters now Deceased
who would have celebrated
75 Years of Religious Life

Sister Mariana Carrigan Sister Marcella LaKoske
Sister Marjorie Delaplane
Sister Marion Therese Mackey
Sister Gilmary Foley
Sister Anne Regina Mullen
Sister Jane Celeste Fries
Sister Mara Pasquier
Sister Loretta Hoffmann
Sister Jane Payette
Sister Eileen Hussey
Sister Mary June Secor
Sister Isabel Marie Jordan
Sister Agnes Louise Stechschulte

Deceased Double Diamond (70 Years Religious Life)

Sister Benita Bourne Sister Rose Immaculate Mateja
Sister Paul Emelia Brown
Sister Bernadette Mehal
Sister Ann Stephanie Callopy
Sister Loretta Mellon
Sister Jean Kathleen Comiskey
Sister Jacquelyn Murray
Sister Adella Diederich
Sister Catherine Podvin
Sister Mary Katherine Diederich
Sister Mary Cecile Quirke
Sister Helen Dompierre
Sister Madelene Rowden
Sister Marie Andre Dwyer
Sister Marie Damian Schoenlein
Sister Jean Ellen Johnston
Sister Mary Skender
Sister Gladys Ledinsky
Sister Elizabeth Williams
Sister M. Joan Loeffler
Sister Anne Worcester
Sister Margaret Ruth Martin


Deceased Diamond (60 Years Religious Life)

Sister Patricia Ace Sister Adrian Kettler
Sister Sharon Culhane
Sister Mary Celeste Lynch
Sister Joanne Evans
Sister Maria Felicia Moreno
Sister Margaret Anne Faber
Sister Claudia Peltier
Sister Kathleen Harkins
Sister Patricia Schade
Sister Katherine Kenny


Deceased Golden (50 Years Religious Life)

There are no deceased Golden Jubilarians

Deceased Silver (25 Years Religious Life)

Sister Arlene Scott