2019 Jubilarians

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In 2019 the Congregation will celebrate the faithful lives of 45 Jubilarians and a collective 2,915 years of dedicated ministry and presence. 

The Jubilee Class includes two 80-year Jubilarians; eight 75-year Jubilarians; 9 Double-Diamond (70-year) Jubilarians; 22 Diamond (60-year) Jubilarians; two Golden (50-year) Jubilarians; and one Silver (25-year) Jubilarian. 

The Congregation also honors the memory of 106 deceased 2019 Jubilarians, who are celebrating in Heaven.

Reflection by Sister Patricia Siemen, OP, Prioress, at the Jubilee Mass on June 22, 2019

Below is the tribute to 2019 Jubilarians from VOICES magazine (note this was completed before the death of Jubilarian Sister Dorothy Jeanne Burns, OP).

2019 Jubilarians

Former Religious Names in Parentheses

80 Years of Religious Life

Sister Mary Margaret Beh (Ann Pauline)
Sister Marie Bride Walsh


75 Years of Religious Life

Sister Mary Arnold Benedetto*
Sister Mary Catharina Bereiter
Sister Marie Rosanna Flanagan
Sister Noreen Marie George
Sister Mary Jo O'Hanlon (James Patrick)
Sister Mary Scheibel (Therese Johanna)
Sister Rita Schiltz (Damian)
Sister Mary Irene Wischmeyer (Edward Irene)


*2018 Jubilarian, celebrating with 2019 crowd.


Double Diamond - 70 Years of Religious Life

Sister Frances Barfield (David Therese)
Sister Joan Delaplane (Marie Doloretta)
Sister Elizabeth Flaherty (Stephen Marie)
Sister Jane Irene Hutton
Sister Jeanette Jabour (Anesa Marie)
Sister Joyce LaVoy (Rose Dolores)
Sister Anastasia McNichols (John Leo)
Sister Mary Louise Putrow (Ruth Francis)
Sister Barbara Mary Saynay


Diamond - 60 Years of Religious Life

Sister Sean Eileen Allgeyer
Sister Beverly Bobola (Andrew Bobola)
Sister Mary Jean Clemenger (Jean Vianney)
Sister Delores DeBets (Frederick Thomas)
Sister Teresa Disch (Joseph Henrice)
Sister Mary Ann Ferguson (Mary LaVerne)
Sister Dorothy Glaister (Paul Dennis)
Sister Jo Ann Jauquet (Jane Clement)
Sister Jean Keeley (Marie Jean)
Sister Joan Krajewski (Marie Kilian)
Sister Christa Marsik
Sister Joan Christine Meerschaert
Sister Mary Kay Moran (William Mary)
Sister Emilie Petelin (John Emilie)
Sister Peter Anthony Schulte
Sister Sarah Ann Sharkey (John Peter)
Sister Mary Emidio Singer
Sister Susan Van Baalen (Ann Mark)
Sister Joan Marie Weithman (Sean Clare)
Sister Helen Wilson (Sean Angela)
Sister Jane Zimmerman (Marie Eucharia)
Sister Rosemary Zuccaro (Rose Anthony)


Golden - 50 Years of Religious Life

Sister Estrellita G. David
Sister Arsenia Marie Puno


Silver - 25 Years of Religious Life

Sister Rowena Marie L. Cruz




2019 Deceased Jubilarians

Let us remember the deceased 2019 Jubilarians who are watching over in constant prayer as they mark their jubilees with the Communion of Saints.

View the Listing of Deceased Jubilarians for 2019 (PDF)