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Orlando, Detroit, and Dublin

June 22, 2016, Detroit – In her monthly blog for the Capuchin Soup Kitchen, Sister Nancyann Turner reflects on the violence and destruction that the people of Detroit – and now Orlando – have to deal with. She also writes of the hope she finds through the goodness of people, such as the 50 volunteers for the Rosa Parks Children and Youth Program – and the gifts brought by a young volunteer from Dublin. Read Sister Nancyann’s blog.

Youth in Rosa Parks Program Ponder Care for City and Earth

Detroit, May 6, 2016 – In their celebration of Earth Day, children from the Rosa Parks Youth and Children’s Program at the Capuchin Soup Kitchen pondered ways to care for both the Earth and their city, Detroit. Sister Nancyann Turner, OP, director of the program, writes of the results of their Earth project and of the slogans and posters that the children created. Read her blog.



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