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Adrian Dominicans Invite the Public To Communal Contemplative Prayer
Adrian Dominicans Invite the Public To Communal Contemplative Prayer

September 20, 2016, Adrian, Michigan – The Leadership Council of the Adrian Dominican Sisters invites all people of good will to join them in eight minutes of silent, contemplative prayer each Tuesday from September 20, 2016, through Election Day on November 8. 

“We invite you to join us in holding the intention that the common good of all people and planet rises as a central concern for all candidates and voters during the coming eight weeks,” the Sisters wrote in a September 19 letter. They suggested beginning this period of silent contemplation with the following prayer

“O Holy Mystery, we live in a time of peril and promise. We ask that you infuse each of us, voters and candidates for elected office, with a longing for peace and the common good of all your people and creation. Rooted in the Gospel, with this intention deep in our hearts, we place our trust in You, O Holy Mystery, and in the power of our communal prayer.”

Sisters and Associates at the Motherhouse in Adrian will pray at 3:55 p.m. every Tuesday. The public is invited to join in prayer at the same time or to choose another time to pray for this intention each Tuesday.

Members of the Leadership Council took as their inspiration the words of Pope Francis to members of the U.S. Congress on September 25, 2015: “You are called to defend and preserve the dignity of your fellow citizens in the tireless and demanding pursuit of the common good, for this is the chief aim of all politics.”

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Avatar  Mary Conway, O.P. 4 years agoReply

Our Sisters (op's from Amityville) have been using Tuesdays to pray for our elections as well. Thank you for the prayer

Avatar  Paulette Roulo 4 years agoReply

Came across this on facebook, will join ya'll in prayer

Avatar  Sybil paquette 4 years agoReply

The pastor of St Dominic parish, Saginaw, alerted us of 8 for 8 in our church bulletin. I will join you
On Tuesday; as will many in our parish community. Thank you

Avatar  Judith Benkert 4 years agoReply

We here in the St. Rose Community on Pine St. in San Francisco meet in the evening at 5:40.
There are 8 of us together in Chapel. Let us continue to hold our nation and our people in prayer. Judith

Avatar  Barb Levy 4 years agoReply

This is circulating on our prayer chain, and women from the Society of Companions of the Holy Cross (SCHC) are praying with you. http://www.adelynrood.org/companions/

Avatar  Sr Jill Shirvington OP 4 years agoReply

Dominican Sisters and friends in Sydney Australia are joining you in silent contemplative prayer at 10.30am each Tuesday. Blessings on you all!

Avatar  Andrea Sabor 4 years agoReply

Thank you for providing us a way to be involved in bringing peace and good will to our country and beyond. Prayer is always the first way, communal prayer is the best way.

Avatar  Melody Duffy 4 years agoReply

Joined with all...thank you...

Avatar  [Pingback] 4 years agoReply

Pingback from dominicanen.nl


Avatar  Cecile Goldthorn 4 years agoReply

Thank you, Sisters! I just found you tonight while looking for a place away and saw the House of Holy Preaching in North Caroilina. I have not found it, but instead found your annoucement and invitation to join your in prayer on Tuesdays leading up to the election. I will be so very happy to join you! Thank you so very kindly. Cecile

Avatar  Sharon Foley Bock 4 years agoReply

I copied and pasted the prayer on an MS Office "sticky note" and keep it open so I see and pray it whenever I sit down at my computer. Beautiful prayer and critically important reminder!

Avatar  Larry Poetzinger 4 years agoReply

I'm with you

Avatar  Jean Johnson 4 years agoReply

Amen, and thank you.

Avatar  lois morris 4 years agoReply

am interested

Avatar  carol elsholz 4 years agoReply

I unite with you, Sisters in Adrian, and am grateful for your witness to peace, justice, and hope!
Carol Elsholz



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