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By Sister Marilín Llanes, OP
Director and Portfolio Manager
Portfolio Advisory Board Office

Founded in 2005, Windmill Microlending opened its doors to skilled immigrants and refugees who land in Canada to rebuild their lives. The organization is committed to crafting the needed financial products and equipping clients, who don’t have established credit ratings or collateral, with the resources that promote economic mobility and equity.

The Adrian Dominican Sisters’ Portfolio Advisory Board (PAB) members on June 7, 2024, unanimously approved a loan to Windmill. 

Dr. Maria Eriksen, a Calgary-based clinical psychologist, was disheartened to learn custodial staff at the hospital where she worked were internationally trained professionals. Their credentials were not recognized and they could not practice their professions due to an array of obstacles ranging from language barriers, high licensing costs, and a limited understanding of the Canadian system. When Dr. Eriksen learned about the challenges these skilled immigrants faced, she took action steps that consequently changed the lives of thousands of new settlers across Canada.  

Windmill offers financial support with affordable, low-interest loans of up to $15,000 to pay for accreditation, training, and career development. Its mission-driven way is well aligned with the Adrian Dominican Sisters’ Enactment that beckons us to “building the beloved community in which everyone is cared for, absent of poverty, hunger and hate.” 

Binal, a dentist from Mississauga, Ontario, calls her Windmill Microlending Career Success Coach, Robert, “an angel in my life,” who helped her and her family at a time when they were truly in need.

She says the Windmill loan application process was simple and responsive. Robert was there to answer questions and provide financial and career advice through the entire process, which she completed from home. 

“My Windmill loan really changed my life. I was preparing for my final exam to get my credential to become a dentist,” she said. “We were in a dire financial situation and Robert shared with me the good news.” 

Binal was on maternity leave at the time and was struggling to pay for her professional accreditation exams and no financial institution would extend her the funds needed to complete the licensing process. She had been referred to Windmill Microlending by one of her dental instructors, so Binal applied for a loan and was approved within five business days. 

Binal’s Windmill loan helped her pay for childcare while she studied as well as her exam fees. It also meant she wouldn’t need to return to long shifts at a sandwich shop. With the financial pressure relieved, Binal completed her exams and is now back working in her chosen profession, bringing smiles to her patients. 

She says her early years in a new country proved challenging but with Robert and Windmill’s support, her future is bright and her potential is unlimited.

The Windmill microlending invests in financial resilience for transformative impact in the lives of skilled immigrants and refugees across Canada.

Watch a video of Binal describing her experience with Windmill.

Sisters Nancyann Turner, OP, and Mary Jane Lubinski, OP

By Sister Mary Jane Lubinski, OP

July 15, 2024, Detroit – About 150 staff members and some board members of Covenant Community Health Care in Detroit took time for refreshment and renewal June 21, 2024, during a special program held at Grace Community Church in Detroit.

Covenant Community Health Care serves about 20,000 people at three sites in Detroit. Services include medical care, dental care, mental health services, and substance abuse treatment. The mission of Covenant Community Care is to show and share the love of God, as seen in the good news of Jesus Christ, by providing integrated, affordable, and quality health care to those who need it the most.

During the opening prayer, Sister Nancyann Turner, OP, a board member for three years, noted some statements for participants to pay attention to, including the passage from Mt 5;13-14: "You are the salt of the earth … You are the light of the world.” 
She also noted the Primary Goal of Convenant Community Care: “You are called to be salt and light to the people of Detroit, to heal and renew the spirits of the sick and the poor, to witness to God’s love against the backdrop of doubt in our culture, and to powerfully challenge Christians to believe that together it really is possible to do 
Something wonderful for God in our world.”  

In her presentation, Sister Nancyann explored with the staff what the images of salt and light mean to them as they serve the people of Detroit. The participants’ answers were strong and profound: Salt enhances flavor. Being salt to another enhances that person’s personhood, potential, and hope. Being light to another is bringing deeper vision, clarity, and encouragement to someone.

Sister Nancyann explored ways that being salt and light can be both personal and communal and gave participants time to share examples of one-on-one encounters of salt and light. They also discussed instances in which a communal approach was needed and times when a whole team’s efforts were needed to bring salt and light to a situation. Participants were also invited to share the names of persons who had been salt and light to them, who had guided them to something bigger than themselves. 

Finally, Sister Nancyann urged participants to build a beloved community at each of their 
medical sites and to let their light shine on each other, as well as on the many patients they serve. The closing prayer asked that the staff remain strong and committed as they strive to bring salt and light, healing, and love to the people of Detroit. 

Covenant is one ministry supported by the Adrian Dominican Sisters Ministry Trust Fund. Sister Mary Jane Lubinski, OP, served as Development Director at Covenant Community Care during fiscal year 2011-2012 and served on the board for seven years. 



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