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Sister Nancyann Turner Focuses on Joy of Creating Christmas Gifts

December 22, 2016, Detroit – Many people might think that those who live in poverty have a less joyous Christmas than those who have more money. But Sister Nancyann Turner, OP, works with children and mothers at the Capuchin Soup Kitchen to create Christmas gifts that are more meaningful than store-bought presents. Read her question and answer session with Dan Stockman, of The National Catholic Reporter’s Global Sisters Report. 

URL of article: http://globalsistersreport.org/blog/q/ministry/q-sr-nancyann-turner-bringing-christmas-joy-all-regardless-income-43996


Sister Nancyann Turner Reflects on Joy of Creating Christmas Presents

December 9, 2016, Detroit – At a time when people are bombarded with advertisements encouraging them to buy Christmas presents, Sister Nancyann Turner, OP, reflects on the joy and creativity of making gifts with one’s own hands. In her December blog, she notes the creativity of the children and their parents involved in the Capuchin Soup Kitchen’s Rosa Parks Children and Youth Program. Read her blog here.



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