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Barry University Physical Sciences Staff Answers Call for Hand Sanitizer for Police
Barry University Physical Sciences Staff Answers Call for Hand Sanitizer for Police

April 24, 2020, Miami Shores, Florida – Recently, Maria Aloya, Barry University Physical Sciences Lab Director, handed over to the Miami Shores Police Department five gallons of hand sanitizer she mixed in the University lab, using materials the Physical Sciences Department had in stock.

Miami Shores Police Chief Kevin Lystad carries a bottle of hand sanitizer, donated to his department by Barry University.

Miami Shores Chief of Police Kevin Lystad had approached Barry Public Safety Director John Buhrmaster for assistance when the department was having difficulty ordering enough sanitizer for its officers. Barry University has a long history of collaboration with the Miami Shores Police Department, which has an outpost on campus.

While even materials have been difficult to find, “it was a stroke of luck,” Maria said. “One of our researchers had requested isopropanol for her research and we had an 18-liter container.”

Maria spent a day sterilizing water and preparing the containers, and then another day preparing the solution, made up of isopropanol, glycerol, hydrogen peroxide, and water.

“It makes you feel useful, that what you’re doing is actually a benefit to people,” she said. “You know the mission of the university is learn, reflect, serve. That’s not just for students, but also faculty and staff. To give back to the community, it’s always a win.”

Feature photo: Maria Aloya, Physical Sciences Lab Director at Barry University, creates hand sanitizer to donate to the Miami Shores Police Department. Photos Courtesy of the Barry University Office of Communications

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