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November 3, 2022, Adrian, MichiganThe elected leadership of six congregations of Catholic Sisters in Michigan issued the following statement, addressing the divisiveness of national elections.

We decry the violent divisiveness that is characterizing our upcoming national elections, threatening the fundamentals of our democratic system of self-governance and the right of individuals to vote their conscience. We call on people of good will throughout our state to honor and respect the human dignity of every person who exercises the right to vote in accordance with his or her own life experience and God-given conscience.

The elected leaders of the following Michigan congregations of Catholic Sisters issued the above statement:

Congregation of St. Joseph (Kalamazoo)
Dominican Sisters of Adrian (Adrian)
Dominican Sisters of Grand Rapids (Grand Rapids)
Servants of Jesus (Detroit)
Sisters of Mary Reparatrix (Detroit)
Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Monroe)

Members of the General Council of the Adrian Dominican Sisters are Sisters Elise D. García, OP, Prioress; Lorraine Réaume, OP, Vicaress; and Corrine Sanders, OP, Janice Brown, OP, and Bibiana Colasito, OP. 

May 31, 2022, Seattle, Washington – Sister Judy Byron, OP, director of the Northwest Coalition for Responsible Investment, recently spoke to the National Catholic Reporter’s Global Sisters Report about the need for stricter gun regulations in the wake of the recent mass shootings in Buffalo, New York, and Uvalde, Texas. She called on gun manufacturers to “step up” and to be more responsible in gun sales, and on legislators to enact measures such as universal background checks for people seeking to buy guns.

Sister Judy Byron, OP

Sister Judy has long been involved in the efforts to bring about common sense gun laws. An upcoming effort on June 1, 2022, is a shareholder resolution calling on gun manufacturers Sturm, Ruger, & Company, Inc., to oversee “a third party Human Right Impact Statement” that would recommend ways to improve “the human rights impacts of its policies, practices, and products, above and beyond legal and regulatory matters.”

The Global Sisters Report article also quoted a recent statement by the General Council of the Adrian Dominican Sisters in response to the mass shooting in Texas that took the lives of 19 children and two teachers.

Read the full Global Sisters Report article by Gail DeGeorge and Chris Herlinger.



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