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Adrian Dominican Sisters Call for End to Violence against Asian Americans

March 22, 2021, Adrian, Michigan – The General Council of the Adrian Dominican Sisters issued the following statement, calling for an immediate end to the violence against Asian Americans and people from the Pacific Islands, and for the enactment of strong legislation against these hate crimes. 

We join in the national call for an immediate end to acts of violence against our Asian-American and Pacific Island sisters and brothers. We were horrified by the mass murder in Atlanta last week of eight individuals – seven of them women, including six women of Asian descent. The killings evince racism and misogyny, pointing to a hate crime.

On the day of these mass murders, a report was issued that showed nearly 3,800 hate incidents have been reported against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders nationwide since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Most of these hateful acts were directed at Asian women who encountered spitting, name-calling, shunning, refusal of service, and physical assault as they went about their daily life and work. 

No one should be subjected to such hateful and violent behavior. Each of us is made in the image of God and precious in God’s sight and none exempt from our nation’s promise of the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  

We call on Congress to enact strong hate-crime legislation to ensure those rights are protected by law. And we pray for a profound conversion of heart among us all that we may root out the racism that continues to cause such injury to our sisters and brothers of color and to erode the moral fabric of our nation. 

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Avatar  Molly Strenk 3 years agoReply

If you are “calling on Congress to enact strong hate-crime legislation to ensure those rights are protected by law,” then I certainly hope you are calling on Congress to enact strong pro-life legislation to ensure those rights are protected by law.

Avatar  Geralyn Sullivan 3 years agoReply

I graduated from Regina and implore my Alma mater to focus on imparting the teachings of the Catholic faith, not promoting racism by putting it where it does not exist.
Have the adrian sisters issued statements on the violence of killing the unborn, and have they called on Congress to stop the slaughter of these innocents or laws encouraging homosexuality, or the transgender agenda? Are the Adrian sisters horrified with a proposed equality act law which states that a boy can say he is a girl and then enroll in Regina and take away a girls spot on the tennis team? Please share your statements on that. I pray we do a better job catechizing the young rather than confusing students with untruths.

Avatar  Nancy Sullivan Strenk 3 years agoReply

Good morning!

I am alum of Regina Dominican High School and currently have a daughter enrolled in your school.
Our current Panther Parent Newsletter referred us to your above statement.

First off, I (as most Americans) are in complete and absolute solidarity that no acts of violence should ever be committed against ANY individual, regardless of race, sex, etc...

Since I realize you seek truth, I was surprised by the following rash statement:
"These killings evince racism and misogyny, pointing to a hate crime."

The FBI and local law enforcement officials say that there is no evidence thus far that there is any evidence that points to these tragic killings to be hate crimes; however, one would NOT realize this by listening to recent statements by the current administration.

While I love your third paragraph, I vehemently disagree that we need stronger hate crime legislation.
Hate crime legislation has NOT proved to deter hateful behavior. Again, any violence, regardless of motivation, would be a hate crime!

I join you in praying for a profound conversion in heart that we root out racism which is so abhorrent and injurious to us all as a nation.

Avatar  Mary Ferrra 3 years agoReply

Yes, shunning—telling people not to talk to an individual because they are different/have lived their life differently/were created by the Creator to be different/have different opinions is WRONG. Unfortunately, shunning even goes on in Mother Church and by people one would least expect to do such emotionally—dare I say Spiritually abusive behavior.



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