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‘First Dominican Women of Prouilhe’ Share Stories during Spirituality Presentation

July 16, 2021, Adrian, Michigan – In the monthly presentation offered by the Adrian Dominican Sisters’ Spirituality Committee, three Dominican women from the 13th Century dramatically shared their experiences and the ways in which they modeled “Dominican spirituality at its feminine best.” 

“Today, in this 800th year since [St. Dominic’s] death in 1221, and in a period of time in which we are pondering our future, it is fitting that we look back to our beginnings and glean what we can from this long-ago period,” said Sister Cheryl Liske, OP, host of the July 7, 2021, live streamed presentation. Sister Cheryl researched the lives of the women of Prouilhe, the first Dominicans, many of whom were “rescued” from the Cathar heresy and lived in community in Prouilhe, France, as followers of St. Dominic. Their home eventually became the first Dominican monastery.

The presentation brings to life three of the first Dominican women in Prouilhe: Guilhelma, the first Prioress, portrayed by Sister Lorraine Réaume, OP; Lady Raimonde, Sub-prioress, portrayed by Sister Mary Soher, OP; and Ermengarde, an Oblate (lay woman) of Prouilhe, portrayed by Mary Lach, Director of Associate Life. In the presentation, the early Prouilhe Dominicans emphasize their anonymity in history, their experiences in the early days of the Order, and their contributions to the early life of the Dominicans, the Order of Preachers. 

Watch the video of the presentation below.


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