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Sister Patricia McDonald, OP, Warns Adrian Community of Prevalence of Human Trafficking

February 8, 2023, Adrian, Michigan – Human trafficking is a global problem that entraps an estimated 27.6 million people – but it can also be found locally, in areas such as Lenawee County, Michigan.

Sister Patricia McDonald, OP

Sister Patricia McDonald, OP, a member of the Lenawee County Anti-Human Trafficking Coalition, conveyed that message to a gathering in the Adrian City Chambers in observance of Human Trafficking Prevention Month, observed each January. 

Human trafficking victims are coerced or deceptively lured into labor trafficking in areas such as farms, salons, and restaurants and into sex trafficking, Sister Pat said. She cited statistics from the U.S. Department of defense that human trafficking generates $51 billion through forced labor and $99 billion per year through sex trafficking. Anybody can be a victim, but people who are vulnerable are especially susceptible.

Sister Pat urged the audience to be on the lookout for anything unusual and to report it to the police so that the situation can be investigated. She also encouraged people to watch out for their own mental health and to treat their children with care so that they can grow up in a healthy state of mind, less likely to be preyed upon by human traffickers. 

Read more about Sister Pat’s presentation in an article in the Daily Telegram by Brad Heineman.

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