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Statement of the Adrian Dominican Sisters on Mass Shootings, Racial Hatred, White Nationalism
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August 6, 2019, Adrian, MichiganThe General Council of the Adrian Dominican Sisters issued the following statement in response to the recent mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio.

We weep with and pray for the families of the latest victims of murderous rampages in our country – this time in El Paso and Dayton. We cry out in anguish at the “normalization” of gun violence that claims the lives of hundreds of victims each year and at the racial hatred and white nationalism that is fueling horrific acts of domestic terrorism. 

This “new normal” is not normal. It goes against the grain of every value of decency and goodness we claim as nation and strive for as people of faith, as brothers and sisters created in the image and likeness of our one God. 

We insist on common sense gun control. There is no place in our streets, our schools, our homes for AK-47 assault rifles; gun owners, like vehicle owners, should be licensed; gun safety measures should be implemented and regulated. 

We insist on concrete measures to expunge the scourge of white nationalism that poses such a real and present threat to our brothers and sisters of color and is so toxic to our nation, assaulting the very fabric of our union. White supremacy is a lie that has infected our national identity since its inception. We must root it out in word and deed and in every form it takes – passive or aggressive – in our personal and national lives.

Created equal in the image and likeness of God, we commit anew to conscious and intentional action, prayer, and love – to live each day in the Spirit-filled sisterhood and brotherhood to which our loving God calls us. 

Members of the Adrian Dominican Sisters’ General Council are Sisters Patricia Siemen, OP, Prioress; Sister Mary Margaret Pachucki, OP, Vicaress and General Councilor; Sister Frances Nadolny, OP, Administrator and General Councilor; and Sisters Patricia Harvat, OP, and Elise D. García, OP, General Councilors.

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Avatar  Carol Rice 5 years agoReply

Thank you for always being a leader and speaking out when there is injustice.

Avatar  Bernice Lopata 5 years agoReply

Thank you for speaking out, for being a voice for those who cannot speak. We all must take a stand against hatred.

Avatar  Mary Keelty 5 years agoReply

YES...! Thank you and blessings to all for your soul-filled , discerning reflections!, have shared!

Avatar  Suzanne Barclay 5 years agoReply

So many aren't comforted as children. Instead of knowing someone who cares and understands they are given a betrayal for their needs. Too many now are raised in anguish and we are now paying with the scorn that's made them hopeless towards humanity.

Avatar  Teresa Bloch 5 years agoReply

Well said Sisters. I totally agree.

Avatar  Mary Keelty 5 years agoReply

Thank you 'all' for the depth of your thoughts, the discernment that you bring at a critical time in the evolution of this democracy...yes, we are weeping! Many of us are heartbroken and heart broken for those who are not!! 😔
Blessings as you go forth every day!!

Avatar  Marna Flaherty Robb 5 years agoReply

Beautifully and specifically stated in love. This is compelling and required. Thank you.

Avatar  Joan Baustian 5 years agoReply

Unless handguns are included in any gun legislation, the carnage will continue.



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