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Detroit, Michigan — Siena Literacy Center offers the following reflection on the coming national elections.

Each voice matters in this election of 2016.
Not all voices will be heard …
if they do not feel they count or matter.
Silence leaves an empty gap
a hole so big that
the divide becomes a canyon …
and no one will win … not in the end….
because we have not heard from
LaShon and John, Ibou, and Mariama.

For these reasons, Siena Literacy Center launched a voter registration campaign among its tutors and students.

Salif, a new citizen, registered to vote for the first time.
His voice matters.

Valerie, now eligible in this election, will vote for the first time.
Her voice matters.

Madoley, our most recent citizen, will vote for the first time. 
Her voice matters.

Angela, our student, brought her daughter. She registered to vote.
Her voice matters.

Penere, a new citizen, registered and will vote for the first time.
Her voice matters.

These individuals and others like them begin a new venture. They have become a part of the fabric of our lives. They will weave their voice with ours. 

We are very proud of each of them!

Sharon Mills and Sister Lenore Boivin, OP

Feature photo at top: Madoley, now a United States citizen, with her tutor, Melissa.

Left: Penere, a new citizen, with her tutor, Lloyd. Right: Salif displays his citizenship certificate next to his tutor, Diane.



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