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West Palm Beach, Florida -- DePorres Place, a literacy center based in West Palm Beach, Florida, recently welcomed a new Executive Director after the retirement this summer of Sister Margaret Exworthy. She takes this occasion to introduce herself. 

My name is Judy Ireland, and I joined DePorres Place, Inc., in August. I am so grateful for the warm welcome I have received; it is truly an honor to be a part of this wonderful organization. 

As a new Executive Director, I have three goals: 

  1. to carry on the mission of DePorres Place with the same openness, warmth, and dedication that Sister Margaret Exworthy conveyed to every student, tutor, and supporter of DePorres
  2. to nurture growth in our programs – academic and income development;
  3. to carry the message about DePorres into the community.

DePorres Place re-opened in September after a two-month hiatus. During the first two weeks, more than 35 people called to register for assessment testing, and to join us as new students. The calls continue to come in, confirming that there is a great need in our community for English language instruction.

A special focus this year and next year will be on outreach to students who have the most challenges in life, and the fewest means with which to meet them. 

We will be using new materials to make people aware of our services, including brochures that contain fewer words and more images.  

Finally, we’ll be making our presence known in our city and county by reaching out to businesses, other nonprofits, religious organizations, and local governments with information about DePorres Place and the Dominican Rea Literacy Corporation.  Awareness of our mission, and of our accomplishments, will help us gain the ongoing support we need in order to grow and thrive.


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