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aerial view of the Rosarian Academy campus

By Will Searcy,
Marketing Director, Rosarian Academy

April 12, 2023, West Palm Beach, Florida – Amidst the steady and rapid growth in population in West Palm Beach, Florida, Rosarian Academy took a bold step toward expanding to accommodate the needs of its growing community with the purchase of 804 North Olive Avenue, 808 North Olive Avenue, and 810 North Olive Avenue. These properties constitute the remaining adjacent properties to its 807 North Flagler Drive campus. Additionally, the City of West Palm Beach has abandoned the Eucalyptus Street alley that extends east of Olive Avenue and dead ends at Rosarian's campus. 

With these purchases, Rosarian Academy may now enclose and secure its campus within one contiguous city block between 7th and 8th Avenues and North Olive Avenue and North Flagler Drive.

“For 30 years, Rosarian Academy’s leaders have seen the value in acquiring these properties and have made plans to do so,” said Linda Trethewey, Head of School of Rosarian Academy. “When the most recent opportunity arose for us to move forward with the purchase of these properties and the abandonment of the alley, decades of experience informed us on our next steps. The timing could not have been more perfect as the acquisition will allow us to proceed with expansion plans that directly serve our growing community.” 

Rosarian Academy, founded in 1925 by the Adrian Dominican Sisters, is an independent Catholic school, serving Montessori through eighth-grade students in Palm Beach County. It offers an exceptionally strong academic program, enriched by faith, athletics, visual and performing arts, and community service opportunities. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), coding, art, drama, music theory, and Spanish classes begin as early as two years old.

“This community has had generations of people who have built Rosarian Academy into the incredible institution that it is today, and making this moment a reality is the result of the diligence and dedication of many people over the years,” said Nicholas Coniglio, Rosarian Academy’s Chairman of the Board. “I am humbled and thankful for the impact their contributions have made on our students today, and I have seen firsthand how the school has nurtured, guided, and given my five children opportunities to grow academically, athletically, spiritually, and in the arts.” 

Nicholas said he looks at this acquisition as “the first step toward extending these opportunities to more families and more students, especially as Palm Beach County continues to experience unprecedented growth. As someone operating businesses in this community, I also look at it from the perspective of the tremendous significance that this will have for West Palm Beach. There will be more opportunities for children in the area to have an exceptional education, and ultimately, Palm Beach County will benefit from having more Rosarian graduates.”

“Since 2020, the top schools in Palm Beach County have been under tremendous pressure to expand capacity,” Linda said. “Families moving to our community have very high expectations formed by the quality of schools in the northeast. Rosarian Academy has plans to accept more students while maintaining its 97-year Dominican tradition of educating the whole person and providing a foundation for life in a global community.”



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