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‘Ministry Minute’ for Women’s History Month Focuses on Sisters who Founded Hospital
B&W photo of the 1947 dedication ceremony of St. Rose Dominican Hospital, with Dominican Sisters in habits watching Bishop and priests bless crucifixes at an outdoor altar

March 13, 2023, Henderson, Nevada – In a special “Ministry Minute” for Women’s History Month, Tyler Whipkey, Vice President of Mission Integration for St. Rose Dominican Hospitals, focuses on the original Adrian Dominican Sisters who founded and staffed the hospital. He speaks of the seven brave Sisters who “left an indelible mark” on the southern Nevada community. “Without these women, we simply would not be here,” he said. He went on to note that in its 75-year history, 85 Sisters have served at St. Rose Dominican Hospitals for an accumulated total of 500 years. Watch Tyler’s presentation of Ministry Minute below, or view on YouTube at this link


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