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Speakers Bring out Personal and Urgent Aspects of Climate Change

December 9, 2015, Paris, France – For many people, the idea of climate change is distant and abstract. Two young climate scientists spoke in the civil society sector of the UN Climate Conference in Paris about the urgency of the situation – the need to address climate change immediately. Indigenous peoples share their personal stories of climate change, as well as ways to live in right relationship to Earth. Sister Elise D. García, OP, reports in her latest article in Global Sisters Report.


Feature photo: Dominican Sr. Patricia Siemen at the canoe of life. (GSR Photo/Elise D. Garcia)

Civil Societies and UN Negotiators Disagree over Climate Change Approach

December 8, 2015, Paris, France – Civil societies and faith-based organizations and UN government negotiators in general disagree over the best approach to keeping climate change from reaching catastrophic proportions. Rather than negotiating to reduce carbon emission drastically, some want to create technological or marketing solutions that would turn nature into a “service provider.” Sister Elise D. García, OP, Communications Director for the Adrian Dominican Sisters, writes of this disagreement in her latest article for The National Catholic Reporter’s Global Sisters Report.

Feature photo: Indigenous leader from Ecuador speaks to crimes against nature by Chevron to a 13-member international panel of judges headed by South African lawyer Cormac Cullinan, author of Wild Law. Left is co-prosecutor Ramiro Avila. (GSR photo / Elise D. Garcia)



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