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St. Rose Dominican Held as Example of Hospital Expansion in Las Vegas

December 7, 2015, Las Vegas, Nevada – An article by Jan Hogan of the Las Vegas Review-Journal points to St. Rose Dominican Hospitals as an example of several hospitals in the Las Vegas Valley that are expanding. Specifically, the article cites the recent addition of a tower to the Siena Campus. Read the entire article.

Study Finds Link between Violations of Human and Earth Rights

December 7, 2015, Paris, France – A key study by Earth Law Center – released during the Civil Society side activities taking place during the UN Climate Summit – reveals a strong connection between the abuse of human rights and abuse of the rights of nature. In many cases, industries that violated the rights of nature through extraction of oil or minerals were also implicated in the deaths of people who tried to oppose these abuses. Read the full report by Sister Elise García, OP, Communication Director of the Adrian Dominican Sisters, in her December 5-6, 2015, report for Global Sisters Report.


Feature photo: From left: Liz Hosken, Osprey Orielle Lake, Linda Sheehan, and Natalia Greene at a Dec. 3 COP21 civil-society presentation. Photo by Elise D. Garcia, OP.



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