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Associate Henrietta (Curzydel) Oenbrink(1927 – 2014)
Henrietta Rose was born to Andrew and Irene Curzydel on October 24, 1927 in Blue Island, Illinois. She had two sisters, Irene and Jeanette.
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Associate Joanne Bellaire(1942 – 2014)
Joanne Bellaire was born on November 2, 1942, to John and Anna Elston of Detroit. She attended Catholic schools, St. Suzanne and Visitation High School. After three years at Visitation, Joanne was accepted at Siena Heights College and the Adrian Dominican Sisters as a postulant. She entered in June 1960 and, after much discernment, left in October, 1961.
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Sister Leona (John Aloysius) Bruck, OP“Heart and mind is what Leona lived. Her prayerful contemplation of life was seen in the activities and personal challenges she undertook for herself, setting an example for me as a priest to never give up.”  
Father Arturo Perez, Associate Pastor of St. David Parish, where Sister Leona was principal of the school.

(1939 – 2014)
Sister Leona was born on June 6, 1939, in the village of Maybee, Michigan, to Aloysius and Eleanor (Wess) Bruck. She was the sixth child in a family of seven children. In her biography, Sister Leona wrote, “I grew up on a farm and learned at an early age that ’Charity begins at home,’ where love, kindness, and faith were always practiced openly.” She attended St. Mary Academy in Monroe, Michigan, for two years and then entered the postulate in Adrian, on June 25, 1955, at the age of sixteen.
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Sister Jean (Jean Bernard) Denomme, OP“In the skies we try to imagine the immensity and potentiality of the universe. In one another we perceive hidden dimensions of thought, feeling, and emotion that make us mysteries to ourselves and to one another. Whether it is sky, earth or one another we scan, it is the hidden Presence we seek.”Jean Denomme, Where is this God of Yours? For Those Who Wonder…(Universe, 2010)

(1931 – 2014)
Sister Carol Jean Kesterke, Chapter Prioress of Great Lakes Dominican Chapter, began the wake service for Jean Denomme, on August 4 with the following reflection: “We know Jean was an educator, a life-long learner, an avid reader, a lover of opera as well as a compassionate, fearless woman who possessed a keen mind. She sought answers, probed for clarity, challenged and questioned everything! Ambiguity did not intimidate her; she was driven in her search for understanding…Jean just couldn’t help herself; her book title even ends in a question mark…Really?
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Cemetery of the Adrian Dominican Sisters

Our Adrian Dominican cemetery with its circular headstones is a beautiful place of rest for women who gave their lives in service to God — and a peaceful place for contemplation and remembrance. 

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