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Sister Angela (David Mary) Susalla, OP

Sister Mary Kathryn Cliatt, OP(1932-2023)

Our Dominican brother, Meister Eckhart, said: “Those who follow compassion will find life for themselves, justice for their neighbors, and glory for God.” I believe that each of us was created by Love, out of Love, for Love, to be a unique manifestation of that Love for a short period of time on Mother Earth; then, be one with that Love for all Eternity. Truly, Angie loved life and found her life especially meaningful in being Christ’s compassionate Presence wherever there were people in need. 

This quote is taken from the funeral homily preached by Sister Joan Delaplane for Sister Angela Susalla, who counted among her ministries six years of service in rural western Tennessee and thirty-one years in Tunica, Mississippi, in both places serving some of this country’s most disadvantaged residents.

Mary Angela Susalla was born May 31, 1932, in Detroit to David and Bertha (Zinger) Susalla. She was the fourth of eight children, coming after David, Elda, and Ernest and before Elaine, Tom, Larry, and Karen.

Her parents both grew up in Michigan’s “Thumb” area; David was born in Paris Township, and Bertha, although she was born in Detroit, spent her early childhood in Ubly. The two first met in school, reconnected after both had moved to Detroit, and 
married in 1926.

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Avatar  Catherine Brousseau 6 months agoReply

I hold the wonderful, beloved Ange in my heart, wherever she dwells. One of my dearest friends in life, affirming, fun, adventurous, and generous. A vivid memory: Once the Border States Mission Group was meeting in Washington DC. I had planned to make a big pot of gumbo from my Louisiana roots, but it is a lot of work and should simmer all day. Ange volunteered to come a day early to help my pick crabmeat and shell shrimp, chop onions, celery, peppers, garlic, etc. She made the mountain of preparation festive and nursed the pot at NETWORK where I worked the next day. It was a feast when we finally dove into the hearty seafood stew. We were might proud of ourselves because we knew it was VERY GOOD gumbo! Whenever I have gumbo, I always think of you Ange...a Michigan girl!

Avatar  Andrea Wendt Kolton 8 months agoReply

Rest in peace, dear are in my thoughts and prayers.
I only wish we could have had one more dinner together.

Avatar  Karen Sebastian 8 months agoReply

I have always remembered Sister Angela, since I met her in first grade at St. Suzanne’s in Detroit. One day when my teacher, Sister Beata, was going to be late my class was taken across the hall to Sister Angela’s classroom. She already had close to 60 students of her own and here came 58 more! In one classroom! But what I remember most was her saying that God had a special love for people who had problems. When I heard this I wondered if perhaps I be qualified for this position as I had a problem walking. I wore braces and used crutches because I had the poliovirus I’ve never ever forgotten her and was so glad she remembered me after so many years.
May she rest in eternal joy and peace. I hope to meet up with her again someday.

Avatar  Rudolph Klanseck 8 months agoReply

As a member of your 1955-1956 first grade classs at St. Suzanne School (in Detroit, Michigan), I am forever grateful for all that you taught me and shared with me. It is my most heartfelt prayer that our Lord Jesus greets you and rewards you with special blesssings and favor for your unselfish contribution to me and all of the people who you met, assisted and inspired on on your earthly journey. With immeasurable love for all of your inspiraction, teaching, and incredible memories left behind,
Rudolph Klanseck -- St. Suzanne First Grade Class of 1955-1956

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