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Sister Carmen Joseph Dominguez, OP


Damiana Dominguez, born on March 1, 1940, was around nine years old when her father, Jose, took his family – his wife Carmen; his daughters, Carmen and Damiana; and his son Diego – from their Seville, Spain, home to visit the Dominican Republic. Jose, the president of a company that produced and exported olives and olive oil, wanted to see his father, who lived in the Dominican Republic.

But while the family was there, Jose’s father died, and suddenly the father’s multiple businesses were Jose’s to run plus his mother needed to be looked after. And so, without ever going back to Spain, the Dominguez family became residents of the Dominican Republic.

Damiana’s earliest schooling in Seville had come from the Irish BVM Sisters, who required their students to speak only English and who once forced little Damiana to write with her right hand by tying her left arm to a small chair. But in the Dominican Republic, she was enrolled in fourth grade at the Colegio Santo Domingo, where Sister Mariana Carrigan was her teacher. On the first day of class, Damiana watched with shock and amazement as Sister Mariana wrote on the board with her left hand … and at that moment, the nine-year-old knew everything was okay.

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Avatar  Rocio 6 months agoReply

Today is my birthday, and im gone miss your call! “Feliz cumpleaños mi Rosy” No words to say

Avatar  Jim Ditton 7 months agoReply

I remember Sr Carmen very well when she was at St Mel’s Catholic Church in Dearborn Heights

Avatar  John Ruane 8 months agoReply

Sister Carmen was my homeroom teacher at Bishop Borgess High School in 1978/79. Every day she was full of the joy of the Lord, and was 100% real. I look forward to seeing Sister Carmen and all the faithful departed again in heaven.

Avatar  Rocio Guzman Dominguez 8 months agoReply

Tia Dami!! Me vas a hacer mucha falte!!! Te quiero mucho!!

Avatar  Rocio Guzman Dominguez 8 months agoReply

Tia Dami!! Me vas a hacer mucha falte!!! Te quiero mucho!!

Avatar  Rocio Guzman Dominguez 8 months agoReply

The best aunt in whole world!! Im gone miss you a lot! But heaven now is a best place with you there!!! Love you Tia Dami!!

Avatar  Theresa Bizoe 8 months agoReply

Rest In Peace, dear Carmen. I am grateful that you shared your many skills in your work at First Step. Survivors who attended your support groups often became like family. You helped so many people overcome the trauma of abuse and to find peace and connection again.

I will miss our talks about the Catholic Church, music and fundraising (Carmen was an awesome ticket seller).

To your sisters at the Adrian Dominicans, and to your niece, and your many friends at First Step, I am sorry for your loss.

May perpetual light and God’s peace shine upon her.

Avatar  Julie 8 months agoReply

I had "Hermana" Carmen for high school Spanish classes back in the early 80s. She was the sweetest, and lots of fun. I can still see and hear the way she would tell a joke and snicker.

Avatar  Waqas Jilani 8 months agoReply

Sister Carmen was an amazing individual! She literally saved my life and my mental well being when she was at First Step. I was very sad to hear of her passing. She is truly one of the good ones who dedicated her whole life to helping others. I will be praying for her and her family.

Avatar  Nancy Liebau 8 months agoReply

Thank you Sister Carmen for Friendship, Laughter,
and Fun, that was shared with us through many years
Through Prayer, Song, Celebrations and “Gaspacho” - ❤️The Liebau Family - Don, Nancy, Dan, Kelly,
Kristen,Andy and Katie 🌈 🎶

Avatar  Pete Micus 8 months agoReply

She instructed me in Spanish for four years at Bishop Borgess high school. My Spanish fluency from her instruction allowed me to find better jobs.

Her legacy of Spanish instruction has been passed to my kids - all of whom speak Spanish.

She helped my life. Thank you Hermana Carmen.

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