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Sister Jane Robert Stuckel, OP


At 8:30 a.m. on February 4, 1934, Jean Annette Stuckel came into the world at St. Joseph Hospital in Joliet, Illinois. Fifteen minutes later, Jean’s twin sister, Jane Bernadette, was born … to the complete surprise of her mother and the doctor, because in those days, there were no tests to determine whether a mother was going to have multiple babies.
Jean and Jane joined their brother Robert, who was fifteen years older, and their sister Collette, five years older, as the children of John and Gertrude (Miller) Stuckel. At the time the twins were born John owned a large butter and eggs business, only to lose it in the Great Depression. When World War II broke out, he became a supervisor at a large ammunition plant that had been built in Joliet, and after the war he became a liquor distributor. 
Gertrude was a skilled seamstress who made all of the children’s clothes throughout the Depression, and even afterward enjoyed making special outfits for them, especially the girls’ formal dresses for school dances. In later years, she became the costume designer for the St. Francis Children’s Theater in Joliet, a job she held for twenty-five years.

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Avatar  Rachel Winchester Einertson 2 years agoReply

God Bless you, Sister Jane! I loved watching this video about your story, and to see the beautiful cemetery where you will be honored. You were a wonderful principal at Our Lady of Grace School in El Cajon, California and an inspiration to me, in my youth. I lit a candle for you in my home. Rest In Peace and Love.

Cemetery of the Adrian Dominican Sisters

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