In Memoriam

Sister Loretta Mellon, OP

Sister Loretta Mellon, OP


May God bless us all with a full and generous share in Loretta’s pioneering spirit of participation and leadership in ministry at the margins
(Funeral Liturgy: Prayer of Blessing)

(1920 – 2015)

Loretta Therese Mellon, known as Sister James Matilda, was born on November 10, 1919, in Jasonville, Indiana. She was the twelfth of thirteen children born to James and Matilda (McKernan) Mellon.

More about Sister Loretta Mellon (pdf)

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Avatar  Shirley 2 years agoReply

I remember going to Sister Loretta melons meetings. Which really blessed my heart every time I went. This lady was truly sold out to Jesus Christ and cared so much about people their souls... I lost contact with her, but I have often wondered where she was and if she was okay. But I just found out that she had passed away. She is greatly greatly missed here on this Earth. Love you sister Loretta.

Avatar  Richard Blockno 3 years agoReply

Sister Loretta Melon, you want talk about zeal, she started a lot of holy fires in the hearts of people as an evangelist to the churches. Where there is boredom let me sow excitement and jubilation for our lord and ignite in the hearts of others this same spirit through example"... This is Sister Loretta.
She had a knack for picking people out of a crowd whom she felt had a special vocation within the church, one of her many special gifts. I was one of those people, I'll never forget it. There were hundreds of people there to listen to her speak, and when she pointed at me and asked me to stand up my heart 💜 leaped inside of me as though a much higher power was at work. My knees were weak as I stood up but I felt a bubbling up of courage to counter the butterflies that made me weak. She mysteriously knew that I was in ministry for the Charismatic Renewal and said to me. " You've been in ministry for awhile now so what's holding you back?" Some how she could feel what I was going through, I was a music minister and had been wanting to share my original music on a much higher scale, I wanted to play for the world.
So she was absolutely in touch with my heart and father's calling within me. Amazing grace for real.! She went further on to say " Just do it, you've learned all you need to know, so just take that leap of faith and do it."! This beautiful person impacted my life in such a positive way that I can't nor do I ever want to forget her. She should be canonized a saint.!

Avatar  Barb OSullivan 6 years agoReply

Some years ago I bought cassette tapes from a goodwill. They were Sister Loretta's and to this day I will get them out because they are such a comfort to my spirit. If there was a way to get any CDs or tapes please email me. Jesus surely spoke thru her.

Avatar  vince avila 8 years agoReply

What a wonderful human being. I always wondered why we lost her in 1960 or 61. I was at Holy Cross then and I was in a fist fight and wound up in her office. She was so easy to talk to and she changed my perspective of catholic nuns completely. After reading her bio, I can see what made her so remarkable. The 59 yearbook was dedicated to her by her students. God bless you Sister Loretta. Your legacy shines on among your many Holy Cross students.

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