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Michael Claire Wilson


Sister Michael Claire Wilson, baptized Barbara Lynn Wilson, was born on December 22, 1933, in Detroit. She was the first of five children born to Joseph and Evelyn (Schulte) Wilson. Both parents were born in Detroit. Her father was a lawyer-accountant. 

Barbara had been educated in a public grade school and was attending Dominican High School when she received her parents’ permission to transfer to St. Joseph Academy and enroll in the Congregation’s Preparatory Program that began in 1943. After graduating from the Academy in June 1949 she entered the postulate on September 8, 1949, at the age of fifteen. At reception the following year in August she received her religious name Sister Michael Claire. 

Following profession on August 9, 1951, Sister Michael Claire was missioned to St. Joseph School in Homewood, Illinois, where she taught for seven years. In February of her last year at St. Joseph (1959), she was reassigned to study at Siena Heights College and to finish her undergraduate studies. She received a bachelor’s degree in the summer of 1959.

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Vigil for Sister Michael Claire:

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Funeral for Sister Michael Claire:

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Avatar  Jennifer Watts Reyes OFS 5 years agoReply

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to see Sister Michael Claire's vigil and funeral Mass for which the Holy Spirit led me to this site today as I confirmed the Mother House address for our Pastor in Flagstaff, Arizona Sister deeply touched me all the years I came to know her even toward the end of her life when we spoke by phone. I met Sister in Winslow, Arizona as her 5th grade student at age 11. In 2007, Sister helped our family bury my grandmother Mary who helped dad raise my brother and I. Sister Michael knew how important Grandma was to us and Grandma's death came at a time when all of the religious in the Gallup Diocese were on retreat in Gallup during Holy Week. Sister was our rock, she stayed back to help our family prepare for grandma's burial. We have so many special memories...Sister tutored me on decimals over lunch at the convent when I was in high school. Sister made a special visit with an inspiring gift of a poster appearing unannounced at our home following my high school graduation. She always left me feeling special. Sister Michael Claire read one of the readings at my wedding in 1981. She visited me at home following a hip replacement in 2011... always checking in on our family to let us know she loved us. Sister shared with me the gift of 'seeing' in my childhood and taught me Forgiveness and Loving Kindness in 5th grade. I will always remember the moment when she heard my need for understanding and compassion rather than a punishment for talking back to her in front of the class...she saw my hurt and my behavior was not in character. She just quietly moved on with the lesson at hand and never addressed my outburst and disrespect toward her. Her favorite saying to the students was "STIFLE YOURSELF!" I walk in her memory serving the best I know in loving others as she loved the Trinity loves us. It is wonderful to share my deep love for such a spirited servant of God!!
Thank You Sister Michael Claire Wilson!! Always LOVED and remembered. Jennifer Watts Reyes OFS

Avatar  Orlinda Shirley Wirth 6 years agoReply

My deepest sympathy to Sister Michael's family. I was one of her students at the Winslow Indian Dormitory in Winslow, Arizona. I will always remember her very fondly. I knew she worked as a tutor and she worked for the Title IV program. I hope she knows that many of her students did very well as they graduated from high school and onto college. I graduated from Winslow High School and the University of Arizona. I saw Sister Michael as a very positive, dedicated person who worked passionately for all her students. I appreciate her time and commitment that she gave to the Native American community. Thank you (A' ke e)
Orlinda Shirley Wirth

Avatar  Carina Lyseng 6 years agoReply

Sister Michael Claire was a friend of our family. It was always a treat when she would swing into town and see my grandparents and parents. I loved hearing her stories of where she was and what she was doing. May she rest in peace.

Avatar  Judy Zinger-Weiss 6 years agoReply

I was a student of Sister Michael Claire in Ruth, MI during the 60's. I have such fond memories of her smile and sense of humor. I'm so grateful that I was able to share in her life story.

Avatar  JoAnn Fleischaker 6 years agoReply

I am looking for the video of Michael's Vigil and funeral??

Avatar  News Editor 6 years agoReply

S. JoAnn, the videos are now available on S. Michael Claire Wilson's obituary. You can watch them directly on this site or download them to your computer.

Avatar  News Editor 6 years agoReply

Hi S. JoAnn - It typically takes one to two weeks until the funeral and vigil videos are accessible on this page.

Avatar  Indigo Brude 6 years agoReply

Str. Mike has a large, extended family who live all over the country. It would have been nice if we had been notified of her service, and been given time to fly to Michigan and pay our respects. I am her niece and she has been a role-model for me. She is much loved, and she will be sorely missed.

Avatar  Sheila Wathen 6 years agoReply

Our deepest sympathies for the loss of your Aunt. We are sorry that you missed her service, but you will be able to view a recording of both the wake and funeral services here. Following our established protocol, Sister Michael Claire left a short list of family contacts to notify, and those family members were asked to inform other family members. We celebrate the positive impact Sister Michael Claire had on you and the lives of so many.

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