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Sister Noreen Burke, OP (Peter Margaret)

Sister Noreen Burke, OP


When Precious Blood Parish on Detroit’s northwest side was still new, among its earliest members were the Burke family: Peter and Marjorie (Reske) and, over time, four children: Don, Larry, Noreen, and Carole.

Peter and Marjorie could not have grown up in more different circumstances from each other. Peter was born into a family of six boys, raised by their mother alone after his father died early of heart disease. Bridget, Peter’s mother, “ran a lively and mischievous household. Apparently, no prank was too much trouble as long as she kept everyone laughing and enjoying life.”

Marjorie, on the other hand, was orphaned at age five and originally sent with her sister to an orphanage while her younger brothers were raised by her four aunts. Eventually, “the Aunts,” as they became collective known in family lore, brought the girls home too and raised all the children in a loving but “Puritanical” home. “Imagine poor Marjorie’s terror when Peter was courting her, and brought her into the boisterous Burke clan!” Sister Noreen wrote.

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Avatar  John Hamilton 3 years agoReply

Dear Sisters and Family of Sr. Noreen Burke, We will meet again in heaven and know you will be there to Welcome us! We will miss your words of comfort and love over the years! Love, John Hamilton, Maria High School

Avatar  Shannon 3 years agoReply

I am sorry I never had the chance to meet sister noreen. I knew her brother, Larry, when he lived in village manor. He had a special place in my heart. He was a mentor to me in a difficult period of my life. I’d love to share some stories of him with his sons. I’ve always wished I had a picture of him too. And to know if there is a burial plot. When he died in July, we were told it was a private affair. Please reach out to me- Shannon combs #810-772-3981
You can call or text.
Larry was so proud of his sister and carried her picture of being ordained a young nun in his wallet.

Avatar  Laura Stokes-Gray 3 years agoReply

I was privileged to know Noreen and fortunate to have her as my teacher. Her classes in American History were extraordinary because she made every character come alive. She was truly a gift to her students.

Noreen was there for me when my dad passed away. Her many kindnesses coupled with her calm and steady nature made all the difference. My deep affection and gratitude will never cease.

Rest well, Noreen.

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