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By Sister Mary Jean Williams, OP

October 31, 2016, Wilmette, Illinois – To celebrate the 800th Jubilee of the Order of Preachers, pictures that replicate stained glass windows of St. Dominic and St. Catherine were placed in the main lobby of Regina Dominican High School. 

Sister Adrienne Piennette, OP, when she was president of the school, had commissioned Bill Griffith to design and create stained glass windows in the school chapel, honoring St. Dominic, St. Catherine of Siena, St. Rose of Lima, and St. Martin de Porres. 

Members of the school community and visitors who enter the lobby immediately see the images of St. Dominic, the patron of the school, and St. Catherine of Siena, a woman who spoke truth with authority.  

Plaques describing ministry of St. Dominic and St. Catherine are displayed under the pictures. Below are paraphrases of the messages on the plaques.

Dominic was a priest and preacher. When he traveled he encountered people who believed all matter was evil and denied the incarnation of Jesus. Dominic preached against these heresies and spoke the truth: all human life is good. He was a joyful man who deeply reverenced life and his theology was rooted in prayer and study.  

St. Catherine was a lay Dominican, peacemaker, and mystic. Attending the lost ones, the unloved, those with the most repulsive diseases, was an essential part of her ministry. Catherine was radiantly happy and full of practical wisdom. She was a woman of deep prayer and served as mediator, giving Pope Gregory sound advice.


Feature photo: Photos of stained glass windows of St. Dominic and St. Catherine of Siena hang in the main hall of Regina Dominican High School.

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October 31, 2016, Dallas, Texas – Three Adrian Dominican Sisters were among a joyous crowd of Dominican Friars, Sisters, and Laity attending “Living our Legacy: A Dominican Conference in Celebration of 800 Years of Preaching.”

The conference, sponsored by the Dominican Friars of the Southern Province, USA, was October 21-23 at the University of Dallas. Representing the Adrian Dominican Sisters were Sisters Patty Harvat, OP, General Councilor; Kitty Bethea, OP; and Mary Fran Fleischaker, OP.

The weekend included the opening keynote address, “In the Company of the Poor,” by Father Gustavo Gutiérrez, OP, a Dominican Friar and theologian from Peru, most known for his ground-breaking work in liberation theology. This was followed by a panel discussion by Father Gutiérrez; Father Bruno Cadoré, OP, Master of the Order; and Dr. Paul Farmer, MD, PhD, founding director of Partners in Health. The weekend also included an address by Father Bruno and several break-out sessions.

“The weekend was an amazing experience of shared Dominican life,” Sister Mary Fran said. She appreciated the input by leaders in the Dominican family and in theology. She also appreciated the emphasis on the witness of St. Martin de Porres and St. Rose of Lima throughout the Americas, and the “strong emphasis on solidarity with those who are poor, voiceless, and marginalized.”

However, Sister Mary Fran added, “The major impact was the interaction between all the members of the Dominican Family, all celebrating together the 800th anniversary of the Order. That happened through prayer, meals, study sessions, and informal encounters.”

Sister Patty was also impressed by the weekend. For her, the highlights were “hearing and seeing Gustavo Gutiérrez speak once again about our vocation to accompany the poor and most vulnerable. Just to be in his presence is so inspiring.” Sister Patty was also impressed by the words of Father Bruno, “words of wisdom, of creatively and compassionately moving into the future.”


Feature photo: Father Bruno Cadoré, OP, Master of the Order, poses with, from left: a Dominican Sister from Vietnam and Adrian Dominican Sisters Kitty Bethea, OP, Patty Harvat, OP, and Mary Fran Fleischaker, OP.



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