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February 10, 2023, Adrian, Michigan – The Awakening Reflection Booklet Series was created by and for the Adrian Dominican Sisters to help them to awaken to the signs of the times and to contemplate their response to the needs of today’s world. Results were so positive that the booklets are now available to the general public to inspire in them deep personal reflection about our place in the universe.

The booklet series includes A Call to Awakening; The Living Universe; The Living Earth; Our Human Story; Song of the Soul; and The Great Shift. The series speaks to the personal and communal awakening that life has been calling us to embrace for 13.8 billion years. In these shifting times, we are challenged to let our minds and hearts break open, to trust and perhaps experience that God’s presence is near at hand.

The booklets, which include reflective questions for the reader to ponder, are designed for personal use and for group sharing. Consider ordering a set for yourself to see if it might be a resource for your ministry or your family members and friends.

The cost is $15, plus shipping and handling. The booklets can be mailed or picked up at Weber Center. Bulk purchase discounts are available, and sample pages can be viewed at https://webercenter.org/awakening-series/.

Weber Center is on the campus of the Adrian Dominican Sisters’ Motherhouse, Adrian, Michigan. Traveling east on Siena Heights Drive, pass the Adrian Rea Literacy Center and turn left just before the solar panel-covered parking lot. Follow the signs to Weber Center. For information, call the Weber Center at 517-266-4000.



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