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By Meredith Amor
Communications Director, Barry University

July 14, 2020, Miami, Florida – Barry University, in partnership with South Florida community organizations, hosted a powerful, productive student conversation about race, social justice, and a path forward for creating meaningful change through collaborative service.

The virtual event, Working for Racial Justice: How to Engage with Community Organizations, provided a safe space for frank and open dialogue between students and community organizers, with a focus on race relations and the criminal justice system. 

Hosted by Barry’s Center for Community Service Initiatives and Student Government Association, the panel included representatives from Dream Defenders, The New Florida Majority, People Acting for Community Together, and the City of Hollywood African-American Advisory Council.

A majority-minority institution, Barry University emphasizes fostering a truly inclusive community and fighting for social justice, two pillars of the university’s long-standing mission and core commitments.

In a recent message to the community, Barry University President Dr. Michael Allen called upon all university community members to reaffirm their personal commitment to accepting social responsibility, to fostering peace and nonviolence, striving for equality, and leading toward meaningful change through collaborative service. 

“At Barry we stand with victims of the most flagrant abuses of power and privilege as well as those marginalized by centuries of systematic discrimination. Our power lies in education. We must continue to foster critical dialogue and shift the paradigm by shining a light on past and present injustice,” Dr. Allen wrote in his charge.


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