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By Cara Scarola Hansen
Marketing and Communications Director, Rosarian Academy

February 18, 2020, West Palm Beach, FloridaRosarian Academy families and friends ended their celebration of Catholic Schools Week by serving the community by gleaning with Christians Reaching Out to Society (CROS) Ministries. A team of Rosarian Academy families, faculty members, and alumni helped to pick more than 7,000 pounds of bell peppers on Saturday, February 1, 2020. These peppers were delivered to the Palm Beach County Food Bank to feed the local people who face food insecurity. Some 318 families will be fed their entire vegetable servings for an entire week.

The Palm Beach County Food Bank calculates that 32 million pounds of food is needed to ensure that no one in the community goes hungry. An estimated 54 million pounds of produce on farms are wasted every year. CROS Ministries works with local farmers to allow volunteers to glean, or pick, the crops that are left after the harvest. The crops are perfectly edible but do not meet supermarket standards.

Through this meaningful community service project, the students experience the power of making a positive difference in the lives of the needy in their community.

Feature photo (top): Among the Rosarian Academy students participating in the school’s gleaning service project were: front, from left, Cecilia Hansen (Grade 3), Mary Grace Hansen (Children’s House), and Charlee Handley (Grade 3), and back row, from left, Avalon Jarvi (Grade 5) and Eden Jarvi (Grade 3). Photo Courtesy of Rosarian Academy


From left: Rosarian Academy students, parents, faculty members, and alumni spent a Saturday morning gleaning bell peppers for the food insecure in Palm Beach County, Florida. Christina and Brady Hooker, with daughters Fiona (Children’s House) and Olivia (Kindergarten) participated in Rosarian Academy’s 2020 gleaning. Photo Courtesy of Rosarian Academy 


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