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October 4, 2022, Adrian, Michigan – In November, college-bound high school students will have the opportunity to take a closer look at Siena Heights University from their own homes, thanks to a new series, The College Tour, streaming on Amazon Prime. Prospective students will hear from 10 current Siena Heights students about what led them to choose the University. The purpose is to help prospective college students narrow down their choices.

In the meantime, incoming first-year students at Siena Heights University previewed the episode, which will air during the series’ seventh season. Alex Boylan, host of the series and winner of one season of The Amazing Race, previewed the show with the Siena Heights students. 

But interested viewers don’t have to wait until November to watch the episode featuring Siena Heights University. The episode can be watched on the University’s YouTube channel. Also read more about the Siena Heights University episode of The College Tour and the student preview in an article by David Panian in The Daily Telegram.

Alex Boylan, far left, host of The College Tour, sits with a panel of students who were featured in the program, from left: Ben Ellis, Autumn Bradford, Alexis Hirst, Adam Baker, Wilhelm Weissheimer, Wyatt Howe, Paige Westerland, Liam DiPietro, and Mercedes Starr. Photo by Laura Harvey, Courtesy of Siena Heights University Communications Office


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