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Put One Foot in Front of the Other

This week's blogger is Sister Judith Benkert, OP.

For many years, I was a practicing midwife. I used the undergraduate science degree to become a registered nurse. Some years later, I was working with Nurse Midwives at our hospital in Santa Cruz, California, and then became a certified nurse-midwife.

When I look back on the path I chose, it seems obvious that the pieces of the puzzle of discerning a ministry were rather clear. I’m not the type of person who discerns using a list of pros and cons or a great deal of discussion. My discernment comes in the form of putting one foot in front of the other, and the path seems to open before me to the next step. My answers come in the form of excitement and comfort that the path is right for me.

Another part of discernment is trust. Sometimes it’s a little shaky putting your foot out in a space that is not tested. As a midwife, I felt a major part of my work was to help a woman trust her body. We spent a major part of the prenatal time building trust, letting the woman know that her body was doing the “right thing.”

A midwife is a guide. In discernment, the Spiritual Director is a guide to help us develop trust in the call of God and to become the witness we are called to be. The best we can do is simply to ask God to show us the footpath. 

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Avatar  Amy Levi 8 years ago

Dear Judith,
You are a shining light to so many of us, and your path is a wonderful example of trust.

Avatar  Mary Kieffer, OP 8 years ago

Dear Judith,
Your reflection on discernment resonated with me, especially when you described how events and invitations came to you as you out one foot in front of the other. The signs indicating the right path was the joy and excitement you experienced at each segment of the journey.

In my own discernment, I initially was telling myself that I was too old to become a sister. But, God is a gentle nag who kept pulling me in that direction. I have been blessed ever since.

As Joseph Campbell once said, "Fillow your bliss." That is God whispering in you ear.

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