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Sister Therese Johnson(1940-2015)

Sister Therese Johnson, known also as Sister Joseph Aquin, was born on May 22, 1940, in Chicago. She was the third of five children born to Joseph and Mary (Conway) Johnson. Her father was a claims adjuster and, before their marriage, her mother operated a comptometer. In her autobiography, Sister Therese wrote the following description of her parents:

My mother was the heart and soul of our family and was always doing special things for us. From early on she taught us to love God and to be good Christians. She showed us more by example than preaching of any kind. [My father] possessed a keen intellect and was very articulate. He was always there to help me with my homework. I have fond memories of him rocking on the porch and reading countless books. He inspired me to have an appreciation of literature and poetry.

The family lived in St. Carthage Parish and the children attended the parish grade school. Sister Therese attended Aquinas High School, where she met Sister John Bernard, who eventually became her sponsor. In her autobiography, Sister Therese wrote that she actually decided to become a nun on the day she received her First Communion.

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