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By Sabrina Poulin
Associate Director, Aquinas Literacy Center

December 23, 2020, Chicago – During the COVID-19 pandemic, Aquinas Literacy Center adult learners have demonstrated their desire and commitment to learning English. Now they will have access to the technology needed to learn remotely, thanks to the generosity of a number of donors.

During Illinois’ “Stay at Home Order” in March, 23 tutoring pairs at Aquinas transitioned to remote learning. They served as a pilot project as Aquinas Literacy Center’s Board of Directors and Administrative Team developed a reopening plan, which focused on virtual tutoring.

In Illinois, with more COVID-19 cases reported daily, learners with limited access to learning technology devices were left behind. The literacy center’s solution is to provide education and equipment to learners who desire to continue learning English.

Aquinas Literacy Center set a goal to raise $6,260 on Giving Tuesday, December 1, 2020, to cover the cost of purchasing 10 iPads to loan to learners who wish to participate in remote learning and who have no other access. Aquinas far exceeded its initial goal, raising $10,050. One anonymous donor gave $6,260 to cover the entire amount needed for the iPads. 

Aquinas Literacy Center expressed deep gratitude to all supporters for their generosity.

Feature photo: An adult learner and tutor from Aquinas Literacy Center connect via Zoom. Soon, Aquinas will have iPads for all adult learners to connect with their tutors remotely during the pandemic.


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