A Sister Reflects - Reflexión de una Hermana

We have a Peace plant in our office that hasn’t been doing as well as it could for some time. We’ve tried cutting it back, fertilizing it, aerating the soil, adding soil, moving it to a different spot so it gets more light, but nothing seems to evoke the growth we’d like to see. This week I tried placing it in a new container. Of course, as I was re-potting the plant I began to think about the discernment process.

At some point when we discern we can get stuck. I mean “stuck” as in there’s no movement forward or backward. The decisions about our future still loom but there’s nothing obvious to keep its forward momentum. A new “container” can help with this stage in the process.

By a “new” container we could mean using a new method, such as journaling when we hadn’t done it previously. Or it could be a different place to pray, such as a chapel, church, or out in nature if we’ve only been at home praying. Or it could mean finding someone skilled in listening to us, besides our friends or family members. A new container shifts energy and often opens us to new growth. When it’s the right time, the Holy Spirit inspires us to move to those new containers, those new choices. 

If you have been honestly paying attention in your efforts to discern God’s call for you, why not pay attention to the “containers” you’ve been using. A new one may be just the receptacle to welcome your prayers and ponderings!

Blessings as you try new possibilities,
Sister Tarianne

Un Nuevo Envase 

Tenemos una planta de Paz en nuestra oficina que no ha estado floreciendo tan bien como podría por algún tiempo. Hemos intentado recortarla, fertilizarla, airear la tierra, agregarle tierra, moverla a un lugar diferente para que reciba más luz, pero nada parece estimular el crecimiento que nos gustaría ver. Esta semana la puse en un nuevo envase. Por supuesto, mientras volvía a plantarla, me puse a pensar en el proceso del discernimiento.

En algún momento cuando discernimos podemos quedarnos atascadas. Cuando digo “atascada”, me refiero a que no hay movimiento hacia adelante o hacia atrás. Las decisiones sobre nuestro futuro aún se vislumbran, pero no hay nada obvio para mantener su impulso hacia adelante. Un nuevo "envase" puede ayudar con esta etapa del proceso.

Un "nuevo" envase podría ser usar un nuevo método, como escribir en un diario cuando no lo habíamos hecho anteriormente. O podría ser rezar en un lugar diferente, como una capilla, una iglesia, o la naturaleza si solo estábamos en casa rezando. O podría significar encontrar a alguien que sea un experto en escucharnos, además de nuestras amigas o familiares. Un nuevo envase cambia la energía y muchas veces nos abre a un nuevo crecimiento. Cuando sea el momento adecuado, el Espíritu Santo nos inspira a movernos a esos nuevos envases, esas nuevas opciones.

Si ha estado honestamente prestando atención en sus esfuerzos por discernir el llamado de Dios para usted, ¿por qué no prestar atención a los "envases" que ha estado utilizando? ¡Uno nuevo puede ser precisamente el envase adecuado para recibir sus oraciones y reflexiones!

Bendiciones al probar nuevas posibilidades,
Hermana Tarianne

"DSC_0294" by sacratomato_hr is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Do you have the patience to wait until the mud settles and the right answer arises by itself? This line is based on the writings of ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu. Ironically this line from a pre-Christianity philosopher helped me in my Christian vocation. Many years ago, when I was still in temporary profession, I was going though a difficult time and the path was not clear for me. When we are uncomfortable, sometimes we can make poor decisions to get rid of the discomfort, or just to have a sense of doing something. Waiting is tough. But I printed out that line and posted it on  the edge of my computer screen, and waited. I knew I was in muddy water and I needed to wait until the right path was clear.

It took a long time but that line reminded me that God’s call was to stay faithful to the path I had begun. Over time the mud settled and the path became very clear. I was able to walk forward to my final vows right out of the mud. We don’t always get clarity at the moment we would like. Sometimes it takes quite a while for us to discern clearly God’s call for our lives. Waiting with feet in the mud can also be an act of faith and trust in God.

May you enjoy the feel of the mud on your toes this summer day.


Sister Lorraine


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