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Autumn’s Evocative Changes

The season of autumn in the north is traditionally a time marked by letting go. Leaves fall off trees, warmer temperatures depart in favor of cooler ones, and light diminishes as we move steadily toward December’s shortest day of the year. Change affects our human lives as well.

Some people get into the mood of clearing out cluttered closets, drawers, and storage areas at home. Wardrobes change from lighter clothing to warm sweaters, jackets, and long sleeves. In addition to these outward signs of change, there are internal signs of letting go too.

Discerning well is like the season of autumn because it involves letting go and leaving behind some choices. If you’ve made a list of life options available to you, you’ll find yourself crossing some of them off your list. If you’ve taken your top three choices where you feel called in your life and listed pros and cons for each of them, it may be easy to see which one(s) need to be let go next. This, of course, takes time. Then, there’s one more thing.

Unlike the season of autumn when trees let go of their leaves to make room for the new growth, it’s hard to imagine the trees feeling sad about their losses. For us humans, sometimes letting go of what we had thought we might be called to do and taking up another choice, risky or not, may leave us feeling sad. Like the tiny new buds that appear on trees even before the leaves fall, it helps to feel assured that we have discerned well. Now it’s time to try on our choice.

May you live in such confidence and trust,

Sister Tarianne

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Avatar  Rob Carroll 4 years ago

Dear Sr. Tarianne,
I can’t thank you enough for your recent posts. This months’ reflections have seemed as if they had a “Dear Rob” greeting, directed just to me. I know you write as a vocation director for the congregation but I can affirm the fact that your words are heard beyond the women discerning life with the community kindling reflection and prayer with the Divine One. This last post especially cut-to-the-quick of a decision that was one of the most difficult in all my life. Your reflection enlightens the fact that a life choice is sometimes between a divinely inspired inner tug/call and an inventory of socio-economic challenges in our contempory situation. You put so well that one must try on the choice. Alas, where is the Divine Seamstress when it doesn’t fit well?

Again, thank you for your thoughtful words.


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