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A dove descending from the sky

This coming Sunday, we celebrate Pentecost, when we remember how the coming of the Holy Spirit. Over the years, I have heard many different ways for describing the Spirit, including Advocate, Comforter, Healer, Intercessor and Revealer, to name only a few, yet, despite the acknowledgement of how important the Spirit’s role in our life is, I rarely hear about the Holy Spirit in homilies. In my own experience, I have come to understand the Spirit mostly through the working of the Spirit in my life. 

Discernment brings us into attunement with the Holy Spirit as we listen to how God is speaking to us. When we pray, we do so in unity with the Spirit, asking God to guide us. When we are overwhelmed in making a decision, the Spirit brings a sense of calm and the reminder that we are not alone. The Spirit leads us to clarity in the thicket of choices that often lay ahead of us, drawing us closer into the mystery of God. Discernment has helped me to know God, because practicing discernment has helped me know the Spirit. In the end, the title I most often apply to the Spirit in my own life is “Friend.” 

On this Pentecost, my prayer is that you will know and experience the gifts of the Spirit in your own life. 

Sister Katherine

¡Oh Ven, Espíritu Santo!

Este próximo Domingo, celebramos Pentecostés, cuando recordamos la venida del Espíritu Santo. A lo largo de los años, he escuchado muchas maneras diferentes de describir al Espíritu, incluyendo Abogado, Consolador, Sanador, Intercesor y Revelador.  Sin embargo, a pesar de reconocer cuán importante es el trabajo del Espíritu en nuestra vida, es rara la vez que escucho acerca del Espíritu Santo en las homilías. En mi propia experiencia, he llegado a comprender el Espíritu principalmente a través de la obra del Espíritu en mi vida.

El discernimiento nos pone en sintonía con el Espíritu Santo mientras escuchamos cómo Dios nos habla. Cuando oramos, lo hacemos en unidad con el Espíritu, pidiéndole a Dios que nos guíe. Cuando nos sentimos abrumadas al tener que tomar una decisión, el Espíritu nos trae una sensación de calma y nos recuerda que no estamos solas. El Espíritu nos lleva a la claridad en medio de tantas opciones que muchas veces nos esperan, acercándonos al misterio de Dios. El discernimiento me ha ayudado a conocer a Dios, porque practicar el discernimiento me ha ayudado a conocer el Espíritu. Al final, el título que aplico con más frecuencia al Espíritu en mi propia vida es “Amigo”.

En este Pentecostés, mi oración es que conozca y experimente los dones del Espíritu en su propia vida.

Hermana Katherine

By Sister Patty Harvat, OP

Pentecost is a Jewish feast that comes 50 days after the celebration of Passover, the holiday season in which Jesus was crucified. On the feast of Pentecost, the disciples of Jesus were gathered together in a room sometimes known as the “upper room.”

Doors were locked for fear of the Jews, and hearts were locked in grief.

“There are some griefs so loud 
They could bring down the sky 
And there are griefs so still 
None knows how deep they lie...” - May Sarton

What are the emotions filling this room?

  • Fear is named (Jesus was crucified, what will happen to us?)
  • Bewilderment (What is this resurrection all about?)
  • Confusion (What kind of group is this – what did I get myself into?)
  • Amazement and excitement (What lies ahead?)

In the midst of this Jesus appears and says, “Peace be with you.”

What is this upper room? Your upper room?

  • Is it that uncertain feeling of having no idea what God is asking of you? 
  • Is it bewilderment of what is truth in a given situation?
  • Is it disappointment in yourself?
  • Is it coping with broken and hurt relationships among family and friends and not understanding how this happened?

Is our upper room being in solidarity with people who lost everything through fire, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, who say, “This is all we have known our whole life. What do we do now?” Or sitting quietly in front of the TV, watching the slow death of our Earth as climate change stills the heartbeat of Mother Earth’s life?

Think about your upper room, whatever is going on … it impacts me … because we are community … we are together in that locked room. 

And it’s in that locked room that Jesus appears and says, “Peace,” breathes on us, and says, “Receive the Holy Spirit.”

The Holy Spirit comes to us in a small flame. Whatever gift we receive is what we need to take with us as we leave our upper room. What gift of the Spirit, what Pentecost Fire, did you pray for?

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