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When I began thinking about God’s call to religious life, I wasn’t sure what to do next. I reached out to my diocese who sent me information, and then what? I was a bit overwhelmed by all the communities. There were so many, I started looking online for a clue as to where God was calling me. Would a neon arrow appear that says go here? I doubted that.  I wasn’t sure what to do next.

A friend whom I trust who was walking this journey with me suggested I visit a few groups and look for a sense of “home”. So, I visited different communities, taking part in different events, not knowing what I was looking for, until I found it. The first time I walked on our Motherhouse campus here in Adrian I was filled with a sense of peace and was in awe of the joy surrounding me as I visited with the sisters and heard their stories. We prayed together, broke bread together, and yes, played together. It was as I was leaving to return home that I felt it, my inner being filled me with a sense of joy I had not felt before, I knew I had found my sense of home. 

What brings you joy? Where are you looking for your sense of home? Your heart will know when you find it.

Sister Mary Jones, OP

¡Alegría! Un Sentido de Hogar

Cuando comencé a pensar en el llamado de Dios a la vida religiosa, no estaba segura en que deberían ser mis próximos pasos.  Me comuniqué con mi diócesis que me envió información, ¿pero ahora qué?  Estaba un poco abrumada por todas las comunidades. Había tantas que comencé a buscar en línea para una señal a dónde me estaba llamando Dios. ¿Aparecería una flecha de neón que diría ve aquí? Lo dudaba. No estaba segura en que hacer. 

Una amiga de confianza que estaba tomando esta jornada conmigo me sugirió que visitara algunos grupos y buscara un sentido de “hogar”.   Así que, visité diferentes comunidades, participé en diferentes eventos, sin saber lo que estaba buscando, hasta que lo encontré. La primera vez que entré en nuestro campus de la Casa Madre aquí en Adrian, me llenó una sensación de paz y me asombró la alegría que me rodeaba mientras visitaba a las hermanas y escuchaba sus historias. Oramos juntas, comimos juntas y sí, jugamos juntas. Fue cuando me iba de regreso a casa que lo sentí, mi ser interior se llenó de una alegría que no había sentido antes, supe que había encontrado mi sentido de hogar.

¿Qué le trae alegría? ¿Dónde está buscando su sentido de hogar? Su corazón sabrá cuando lo encuentre.

Hermana Mary Jones, OP

Fears and worry can prevent us from proclaiming the Good News in word and action to our world. Dominican Sister of Peace, Beata Tiboldi, OP, created this inspirational video about preaching with courage, faith, and joy – what she calls preaching with an Alleluia heart.

In this Easter season, may we catch the Spirit of the early church, and spread the joy of the Gospel for our time!

Sister Sara

"Joy" by 夏爱克 | Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

I was leading a group in some prayer exercises and I was really touched by an experience one of the women had. In the first part, she shared that she was really struggling with impatience. It was something really heavy for her and she felt terrible about how impatient she was with those around her, especially her family. 

The next prayer led people to ask God how God is calling them to new life now. She expected to be told by God that she was called to be less impatient. Instead, she received a clear message: she was called to the joy of patience.

How like our God of life! Instead of focusing on what was wrong, God invited this woman to embrace the opposite grace. God did not condemn her for her faults, but rather welcomed her to new life and joy. Tears were running down her face as she shared this response.

Take a look at whatever negative aspect of yourself you are struggling with. Now try and identify the opposite gift or virtue. Instead of fighting so hard to change something bad, put your energy into embracing something good. 

“I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and your joy may be complete.” John 15:11

Sister Lorraine

This week's reflection comes to us from Marilin Llanes. Marilin is a Bilingual School Psychologist in Chicago, and is currently a candidate for readmission.

Inspired by Psalm 46, God by my side, I am in awe by the depth and fidelity of God’s presence in my life.  All along my diverse and winding path, God has been with me.  My journey has been quite an experience of trusting myself enough to be able to trust the divine plan for me. I must admit that my path, at times, has been uncertain as to where I was being led.  As I was moving along and letting be what was happening, I felt myself wavering between what seemed impossible and the real. Yet with God at my side, along with human and divine intervention, I realized the new that was coming to be.  At this point in my life, the impossible has become a reality! 

Today I embrace the now and rejoice in the gift of second chances, such as renewing my covenant with my Adrian Dominican Sisters. I welcome the invitation to new experiences in religious life, in ministry, and with our Global community. Being mindful that no matter what is placed on my path, in you, O Divine One, I find my strength, my hope, and my energy, and most of all I find my true self, Divinity alive in me. The path to joy is now. Amen. 

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